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2019 Poster Guidelines

Dimensions and Formatting

  • Dimensions: Each poster must fit on our poster boards, which are one meter by one meter (39 inches by 39 inches). Your poster can be any size or shape so long as it fits within this space: smaller is acceptable, larger is not. In other words, your poster must not exceed the available space of one meter by one meter.
  • The top left section of the poster must contain:
    • Your assigned poster number. This number is the same ID number that was assigned to your submission document in the ConfTool Conference System.
    • Title of the poster.
    • Name and institutional affiliation of each author.

Layout and Design

  • A poster is intended to provide a visually compelling and totally understandable presentation of your results. During the poster sessions we expect someone to be available at each poster to answer questions or add additional details; nevertheless, the poster should be self-explanatory for someone who just walks up and looks at it.
  • It is extremely important that the text be readable. Therefore, modest amounts of text in a large font are critical. A sans serif font (e.g., Helvetica) is the most readable for material of this sort. Titles and main headings should be no smaller than 72 pt. font. Ideally, there should be no text smaller than 36 pt. font. The very smallest text must be at least 24 pt., but even at that size, it will be hard for observers to read. These obviously put severe constraints on how much text you can have, but that’s important for readability by someone standing nearby.
  • Similarly, figures, tables, and charts should be large enough to be read easily. Be sure such items are labeled very clearly, again in a large font.
  • Design is an important element of posters. Simply pasting the pages of an abstract or paper to the poster constitutes a very poor presentation. This should be avoided. You should aim for an attractive layout that gets your message across clearly. If you need so many words to convey your message that you run out of space, maybe the problem is the message itself. Simplify what you present. If there are subtleties or complexities, these can be conveyed verbally.

Onsite Presentation

  • There will be one poster session this year. It takes place Tuesday, April 2, 5:00 – 6:00 pm (17:00 – 18:00). The location is the Hall of Distinction at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, our conference venue.
  • The poster hall in will be available for set-up starting [date/time tbd]. Make sure to have your poster in place before the poster session begins so that the session can launch without delay.
  • Your specific location will be assigned. Poster numbers will be indicated on the poster boards. Make sure to put your poster in the correct location.
  • At least one presenter must be with the poster throughout the poster session.
  • All posters must be removed by [date/time tbd]. Posters that remain in place after that time will be removed by us. The iConference is not responsible for posters that are unclaimed, damaged or lost before, during, or after the conference.
  • We will have pushpins available. If you need other supplies, please bring them with you.
  • Your poster is your presentation. No electricity or tables will be provided.


  • The five finalists for the Best Poster award will be named in advance of the iConference. These finalists will be judged during the poster session, and the winner announced thereafter.

Questions about these poster instructions should be sent to the Posters Co-Chairs.

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2018 Papers Presentation Guidelines

  • The conference will provide a projector and shared laptop in each papers session room. Presenters should bring a copy of their presentation on memory stick for transfer to the shared laptop.
  • Presenters should also bring their own laptop as a backup, in case there is a problem in transferring the presentation to the shared laptop. Note that in order to connect your laptop to the projector, you will also need the appropriate conncetor cable. The projectors all have both VGA and HDMI connections. It is the author’s responsiblity to bring the appropriate connector; cables will not be provided.
  • For Completed Research Papers sessions, we ask that your actual presentation be no more than 20 minutes and the remaining 8-10 minutes will be for questions and answers for a total of 30 minutes.
  • For Preliminary Results Papers sessions, we ask that your actual presentation be no more than 15 minutes and the remaining 7 minutes will be for questions and answers for a total of 22 minutes.
  • All session chairs and presenters should show up at least 15 minutes before their session is scheduled to start so that presentations can be checked and transitions coordinated. Your room’s location can be found in our program schedule.
  • Ideally, all the presentations in a session would be conducted using the room’s single shared laptop so that transitions between presenters go smoothly. If this is not possible, then transitions between presentations should be coordinated so that time is not lost. One way to ensure this is to swap laptops during the Question & Answer session at the end of each presentation, so that the next presentation is ready to go when the preceding Q&A is over. Any problems with getting a presentation set up will come out of that presenter’s time. In no case will a presentation go beyond its allotted time. This could mean curtailing or even eliminating the Q&A period at the end of the affected presentation.
  • The session chairs will strictly enforce the time limits to ensure that all the presentations in the sessions have equal time.
  • Awards: Awards will be given in both papers categories. Five finalists for each award will be named in advance of the iConference. The winner of the Lee Dirks Award for Best Completed Research Paper will be announced in our Monday morning plenary session. The winner of the Most Interesting Preliminary Results Paper Award will be announced in our Tuesday morning plenary. If your paper has been nominated, you should plan to have a representative on hand for the announcment.

2018 Session Chair Guidelines (also applicable to SIEs and Workshops)

  • All session chairs should show up at least 15 minutes before their session is scheduled to start so they can meet with presenters and familiarize themselves with the room and its technology.
  • All rooms will have a dedicated laptop and projector with VGA and HDMI connectors. Session chairs are asked to bring their own laptop as a backup.
  • Papers chairs should coordinate transitions between speakers in the 15 minutes leading up to the session. Papers presenters will bring their presentations on memory stick for transfer to the shared laptop.
  • If technical assistance is needed, please flag down a student volunteer; the student volunteer will alert technical staff of your need for assistance.
  • Papers session chairs will strictly enforce time limits to ensure that all the presentations in the sessions have equal time. For Completed Research Papers sessions, we expect each presentation to be no more than 20 minutes, with an additional 8-10 minutes allotted for questions and answers for a total of 30 minutes per presentation. For Preliminary Results Papers sessions, we expect actual presentation to be no more than 15 minutes, with an additional 7 minutes allotted for Q&A for a total of 22 minutes per presentation.

Questions about papers presentations can be sent to Papers Co-Chairs Kendra Albright, Noa Aharony, and Mei Mei Wu.



The University of Maryland College Park in collaboration with Syracuse University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.


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