The iConference 2019 organizers are pleased to announce this year’s awards finalists.

Lee Dirks Award for Best Full Research Paper

The winner in the Full Research Paper category will receive the Lee Dirks Award for Best Paper and a cash prize of $5,000 USD, provided this year by Emerald Publishing. The award honors the memory of Lee Dirks of Microsoft Research; Dirks was a long-time friend and supporter of the iConference, and a distinguished iSchool graduate. The winner was announced at the opening plenary session on Monday, April 1, 2019.


Title: Understanding the Role of Privacy and Trust in Intelligent Personal Assistant Adoption
Authors: Yuting Liao, University of Maryland, College Park; Jessica Vitak, University of Maryland, College Park; Priya Kumar, University of Maryland, College Park; Michael Zimmer, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Katherine Kritikos, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Runners up, alphabetically by title

Title: Algorithmic Management and Algorithmic Competencies: Understanding and Appropriating Algorithms in Gig work
Authors: Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Will Sutherland, University of Washington

Title: Documenting the Undocumented: Privacy and Security Guidelines for Humanitarian Work with Irregular Migrants
Authors: Sara Vannini, University of Washington; Ricardo Gomez, University of Washington; Bryce Clayton Newell, University of Kentucky

Title: The Innovation Ecology: Collaborative Information, Community Support, and Policy in A Creative Technology Community
Authors: Guo Freeman, Clemson University; Jeffrey Bardzell, Indiana University; Shaowen Bardzell, Indiana University; Nathan J McNeese, Clemson University

Title: Understanding Change in a Dynamic Complex Digital Object: Reading Categories of Change out of Patch Notes Documents
Authors: Ayse Gursoy, University of Texas at Austin; Karen M. Wickett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Melanie Feinberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

All accepted full papers from iConference 2019 are published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Best Short Research Paper

This award goes to the author(s) of the best short research paper. The winner will be announced during the conference’s second plenary session on Tuesday, April 1.

Title: Characterizing Same Work Relationships in Large-Scale Digital Libraries
Authors: Peter Organisciak, University of Denver; Summer Shetenhelm, University of Denver; Danielle Francisco Albuquerque Vasques, University of Denver; Krystyna Matusiak, University of Denver

Runners up, alphabetically by title

Title: Illegal Aliens or Undocumented Immigrants? Towards the Automated Identification of Bias by Word Choice and Labeling
Authors: Felix Hamborg, University of Konstanz; Anastasia Zhukova, University of Konstanz; Bela Gipp, University of Wuppertal

Title: Looking for Group: Live Streaming Programming for Small Audiences
Authors: Travis Faas, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis; Lynn Dombrowski, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis; Erin Brady, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis; Andrew Miller, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Title: Proposing “Mobile, Finance, and Information” Toolkit for Financial Inclusion of the Poor in Developing Countries
Authors: Devendra Potnis, University of Tennessee at Knoxville; Bhakti Gala, Central University of Gujarat

Title: Public-Private Partnerships in Data Services: Learning From Genealogy
Authors: Kalpana Shankar, University College Dublin; Kristin Eschenfelder, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Laurie Buchholz, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Christine Cullen, University College Dublin

All accepted short papers from iConference are published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Best Poster

The best poster award is chosen based on a combination of factors. Finalists are selected based on the submitted abstract. The resulting poster and presentation are then taken into consideration in naming the overall winner. The poster session will take place Tuesday, April 2, 5:00-6:00 pm. The winner will be announced the following day during the conference’s third plenary session on Wednesday, April 3.

Title: Algorithmic Accountability in Surveillance Regulation
Authors: Meg Young, Michael Katell, Peter M. Krafft, University of Washington

Runners up, aplphbetically by title

Title: Decision-making processes for e-book products: mixture of institutional and rational actions
Author: Mei Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Title: The Economic Value of Personal Information Under the Situation of Information Leakage
Author: Shengli Deng, Haiping Zhao, Wuhan University; Yong Liu, Aalto University School of Business Finland

Title: Leaving No One Behind: Preparing China’s Public Librarians for Providing Multicultural Services to Ethnic Minorities
Author: Lihong Zhou, Cheng Cui, Wuhan University; Tim Zijlstra, University of Derby

Title: Towards a Domain Ontology for Data Assemblages
Author: Ceilyn Boyd, Simmons University

All accepted poster abstracts from iConference 2019 are published in the IDEALS open repository.

Blue Sky Papers

This special track for 2019 sought ideas and visions that stimulate the iSchool research community to pursue new directions. The track is funded by a grant from the Computer Research Association, with $1,000 going to the first place paper, $750 to second and $500 to third.

Title: Disrupting the Coming Robot Stampedes: Designing Resilient Information Ecologies

Authors: Philip Gregory Feldman, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and ASRC Federal; Aaron Dant, ASRC Federal; Wayne Lutters, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Presentation: Blue Sky Paper 1, Monday April 1, 1:30-3:00pm

Title: Troubled Worlds: Bringing Bodies and the Environment into Computing Research, Practice, and Pedagogy
Authors: Megan Finn, University of Washington; Daniela Rosner, University of Washington
Presentation: Blue Sky Paper 2, Tuesday, April 2, 10:30am-12:00pm

Title: Human Security Informatics: A Human-centered Approach to Tackling Information and Recordkeeping Issues Integral to Societal Grand Challenges
Authors: Anne J. Gilliland, University of California, Los Angeles; Kathy Carbone, University of California, Los Angeles
Presentation: Blue Sky Paper 2, Tuesday, April 2, 10:30am-12:00pm

All accepted Blue Sky Papers from iConference 2019 will be published in the IDEALS open repository.



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