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NOTICE: The page explains submission guidelines for iConference research papers (full and short) and posters only. Guidelines for all other iConference submission types can be found on their respective track pages.

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Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission methodology: All submissions will be made using the secure ConfTool submission system.
  2. Proceedings publication:
  3. Length: The following will be strictly enforced.
    • Full Research papers may be up to 10 pages (not including references) in Springer’s prescribed LNCS template.
    • Short Research papers may be up to 6 pages (not including references) in Springer’s prescribed LNCS template.
    • Poster abstracts may be up to 4 pages in Springer’s prescribed LNCS template.
    • Submissions that do not conform to the lengths defined above are subject to bench rejection by the chairs. We recognize that authors responding to reviewer comments may feel they need more space.
  4. First submission: All initial submissions for review must be in PDF format and follow the Springer LNCS author guidelines. All author-identifying information must be removed to facilitate double-blind review.
  5. Final submission: Authors of accepted papers and posters will submit a final version containing author-identifying information. Final submissions will not be in PDF, but instead must be in LaTex or Word (.doc or .docx), per the Springer LNCS author guidelines. Acceptance notification letters will further explain final submission requirements. Papers that do not comply with the final submission requirement will be removed from the proceedings and not be published.
  6. Copyright form: Authors of accepted research papers must also complete a Consent to Publish Form and upload it along with their final submission. Blank LNCS copyright forms are available for download from the Springer LNCS website; authors should complete the form and submit it in PDF format along with their final submission. (Note that poster authors are not expected to provide a Consent to Publish Form.)
  7. Changes to final versions, and logging thereof:
    • In many cases, acceptance of a submission is conditional on the completion of changes that were identified during review. In making these changes, authors must nevertheless adhere to the original length guidelines (10 pages for full research papers, 6 pages for short research papers, 4 pages for posters; all not counting references). We recognize that authors responding to reviewer comments may feel they need more space. All papers can be shortened through judicious editing. Please work with a professional editor if necessary. They can help find redundant words and thoughts. In the end, the paper will be of higher quality and provide a better experience for readers.
    • In addition to making the required changes to their final version, papers authors will provide a log of these changes with their final submission. The log will be entered into ConfTool using the open field titled “Remarks on This Contribution Section.” (Note that poster authors must also comply with any change requests identifed in review, but do not need to provide a separate log with their final version.)
  8. File Naming: Please use all or part of your paper or poster’s title. Note that generic names such as paper.doc or submission.doc are not intuitive. Do not include author names in the file name of first submissions; first submissions must be anonymous.
  9. Copyright: For each accepted research paper, Springer requires a copyright form along with the final submission, signed by one author; see the Springer LNCS author guidelines for copyright form details. Poster authors do not need to submit a copyright form. Authors are responsible for complete and accurate citations, and obtaining permission to use copyrighted material.
  10. Copy editing: Authors are encouraged to have their work copyedited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all substantive content, including numeric and bibliographic data. Manuscripts will not be copyedited by iConference organizers.
  11. Deadlines: See the Timeline below.
  12. Contact: Questions should be directed as follows:
    • Tracks-specific questions pertaining to reviews, decisions, presentation, etc.
    • Proceedings-specific quesitons pertaining to templates, final files, copyright forms, etc.

Important Notes

  1. All submissions must be in English.
  2. All submissions must conform to the prescribed length requirements.
  3. All research papers and posters must be original work, not published elsewhere.
  4. Research papers and posters submitted for review must have all author-identifying information removed, to facilitate double-blind review. (Our system will collect your personal information and associate it with the submission for tracking purposes.)
  5. Inclusion in the published proceedings is conditional upon registration of at least one author/presenter per accepted submission. Submitters further agree that if their work is accepted, at least one representative will register during the Early Bird registration period, and present the accepted work at iConference 2019. Submissions that do not comply with this registration requirement will be removed from the proceedings and not be published.
  6. Submitters agree not to make duplicate submissions to different tracks (i.e. submitting the exact same work as a paper and a poster).
  7. Authors must provide keywords, and will be promoted to by the submission tool when submitting.
  8. Accepted research papers authors will provide a copyright form with final submission.
  9. Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines may result in the work not being reviewed, or not included in the proceedings.

Official Guidelines

Click here to visit Springer’s LNCS author guidelines. The site offers guidelines, copyright forms, templates, sample files, and other useful links.

iConference 2019 Timeline

Note: all deadlines expire at 23:59 International Date Line West (IDLW), which is the last time-zone on Earth.




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