Presenter Instructions


The following presenter intructions apply to all Papers, Workshops, SIEs, Special Panels, and iSchool Best Practices. (Poster instructions can be found on our posters page.)

Presentation times and session chair assignments can be found in our online program scheudle. Use the seach funtion to identify your session and determine its scheduled time and session chair.

Presenters and session chairs are responsible for providing their own laptops for presentation. The conference organizers will not provide laptops in the session rooms. Each room will be equipped with a projector that accepts VGA connections. Whatever technology is needed to connect your laptop to the projector is also your responsibility. In particular, Mac users are advised to bring an appropriate adaptor cable.

It is also desirable to bring a copy of the presentation on a memory stick as a backup, in case it needs to be put on a different laptop.

Ideally, all the presentations in a session would be on a single laptop so that transitions between presenters go smoothly. If this is not possible, then transitions between presentations should be coordinated so that time is not lost. One way to ensure this is to swap laptops during the Question & Answer session at the end of each presentation, so that the next presentation is ready to go when the preceding Q&A is over. Any problems with getting a presentation set up will come out of that presenter’s time. In no case will a presentation go beyond its allotted time. This could mean curtailing or even eliminating the Q&A period at the end of the affected presentation.

All session chairs and presenters should show up at least 15 minutes before their session is scheduled to start so they can meet with session chairs, and presentations can be checked and transitions coordinated.

For Completed Research Papers sessions, we expect each presentation to be no more than 20 minutes, with an additional 8-10 minutes allotted for Q&A for questions and answers for a total of 30 minutes per presentation.

For Preliminary Results Papers sessions, we expect actual presentations to be no more than 15 minutes, with an additional 7 minutes allotted for Q&A for a total of 22 minutes per presentation.

For Chinese Papers sessions, we expect actual presentations to be no more than 13 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes allotted for Q&A, for a total of 18 minutes per presentation. For Chinese Papers session 1 and session 2 on Wednesday, since the total time is 2 hours, the Q&A can last for 10 minutes each. Authors are reminded that all the presentations and slides are to be in English.

For iSchool Best Practices, each panelist will have 15-20 minutes to present their best practice. They can use the laptop and projector for their presentation, as described above. After all of the panelists have finished, there will be time left for questions and discussion about the best practices.

The papers session chairs will strictly enforce these time limits to ensure that all the presentations in the sessions receive equal time.

Questions can be address to the appropriate track chairs (papers, workshop, etc); vist our 2017 Organizers page for contact information.




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