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IU role in Human Microbiome Project exposes battle history between bacteria, viruses in human body


An Indiana University team of researchers has conducted the most in-depth and diverse genetic analysis of the defense systems that trillions of micro-organisms in the human body use to fend off viruses. The work is among a collection of 16 research papers released today by the Human Microbiome Project Consortium, a National Institutes of Health-led effort to map the normal microbial make-up of healthy humans. Read more


The iSchool at Drexel Congratulates this Year?s Senior Design Challenge Winners


Innovation, creativity, a lot of hard work, and a touch of competitive spirit can bring iSchool students to one day — the iSchool Senior Design Challenge. The iSchool Senior Design Challenge is an annual competition for outstanding iSchool senior project development groups, which showcases the integration and application of their undergraduate degree program into the final capstone sequence. Read more