iSchools member institutions are listed below by level, followed by senoirity with the organization. These membership levels indicate each school’s commitment of support to the organization, and are self-selected. Details on membership levels and how to join our organization can be found at the bottom of this page.


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About iSchools Membership Levels

iSchools memberships span six levels. All schools are expected to enroll at the highest level in accordance with the size, resources and structural limitations of their schools. Criteria for being recognized as an iSchool are not rigid, but members are expected to have substantial sponsored research activity, engagement in the training of future researchers (usually through an active, research-oriented doctoral program), and a commitment to progress in the information field. The goal of the membership levels is to reduce within-level variations and to make mentorship opportunities easier to establish. Schools are encouraged to move up in the membership hierarchy whenever it is appropriate to do so.

iSchools Membership levels:

  • iCaucus
  • Enabling
  • Sustaining
  • Supporting
  • Basic
  • Associate*

*The Associate category is for schools that are new, or may not yet meet the requirements for other levels.

Interested in joining our organization? Click here for application instructions.

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