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iSchools corporate documents

iSchools Org. Charter (Jan. 2019)
iSchools Articles of Incorporation
iSchools Vision Statement
History of the iSchools (2009)
Membership structure for the iSchools (Feb. 2016)

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iConference Documents

iConference Host Proposal Manual
iConference Proposal Template
Past iConference Metrics
Doctoral Dissertation Award Process

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iSchools logo guidelines

Logo Part 1: Use of the Standard iSchools Logo
All iSchools members are required to display the iSchools logo prominently on their websites, preferably on the home page. This logo shows the world that you are an iSchools member, and a leading institution in the information field. Copies of the iSchools logo are available below, followed by usage guidelines.

This is the standard iSchools logo:

Large-size logo .tif
Large-size logo .jpg
Medium-size logo .tif
Medium-size logo .jpg

The iSchools logo should always be linked to the iSchools home page:

The official logo can stand alone: Additional descriptive text can be added, but is not required.

The logo’s official color is red, and schools are encouraged to use the red version. However, the iSchools brand guidelines allow schools to change the color of the official logo to make it better suit the design of the school’s website.

Red logo examples:

Other color examples:

Logo Part 2: Use of the Alternate logo (“i-beam”)
The iSchools also has a secondary logo, sometimes called the “i-beam.” Schools can choose to use this logo instead of the official logo if they wish.

This is the secondary logo:


i-beam logo JPG
i-beam logo TIF

The “i-beam” logo is red, but its color can be changed to suit a website’s design.

The “i-beam” logo must be accompanied by text that explains the school’s association with the iSchools, such as “Member of the iSchools,” “iSchools Member” or “Member of the iSchools Caucus” (see example links). It should also be linked to the iSchools home page:

Examples of the secondary “i-beam”:

Logo Part 3: Answers to frequently asked questions about the iSchools logo

  1. How was the iSchools logo developed?
  2. Why must my school use the iSchools logo?
  3. I do not like the iSchools logo. Can we redesign it?
  4. Why is the logo so big?

1. How was the iSchools logo developed?
The iSchools logo was developed in 2006-2007 by the iCaucus working in conjunction with MBS Associates. It has been in continuous use since that time.

2. Why must my school use the iSchools logo?
The iSchools organization is currently involved in a legal exercise centered on branding and trademarking. Broad use of the logo by our membership strengthens the organization’s brand position and trademark claim. This is why the iSchools ask all members to post the logo to their respective websites.

3. I do not like the iSchools logo. Can we redesign it?
The fact that the iSchools logo has remained essentially unchanged and in continuous use since its inception further strengthens our brand and trademark claim. Redesigning the logo could undermine that.

Whether or not one likes or dislikes the logo is subjective. It would be impossible to create a logo that appeals to every member of an organization of our size. What matters is that the logo does its job effectively—i.e. that it is instantly recognizable to all who see it, and identifies us as a collective group dedicated to advancing the iSchools Movement worldwide.

4. Why is the logo so big?
The iSchool logo is presented here as a large hi-res file. You can make the logo appear smaller on your website, as can be seen in the examples we provide above. Your web designer will know how to do this.

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iSchools Mailing lists

The iSchools maintain mailing lists that facilite communicaiton and collaboration among our members. Click here for details.
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