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iConference 2022 Preview

Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future

March, 2022

Co-Hosts: Kyushu University; University College Dublin; University of Texas at Austin

The global pandemic has profoundly impacted the means by which we work, play, learn, research, and interact. However, the world did not experience this pandemic equally; long standing inequities were exposed and made worse. Even as we have come to rely more on information technologies for maintaining our connections to each other, we have become more keenly aware that the benefits are not equally distributed and that such connection comes with costs. Sadly, more information by itself does not lead to a more just world. 

But as we look forward to building our post-COVID-19 realities, we can demand of ourselves and each other information for a better world. How can information help us pay closer attention to justice, equity, sustainability, and empowerment of the most vulnerable members of our societies? What should our institutions – government, the private sector, civil society – look like for the betterment of all? How can our workplaces, schools, universities, research labs, libraries, museums, and other institutions and organizations, physical and virtual, be constituted collectively so that we can build a better world? 

In iConference 2022, we invite participants to reflect through their research and engagement on these issues. Our principles – commitment to sustainable development; equity, diversity,  and inclusion; openness; global reach – are reflected in our hoped-for practices for this conference. Our distributed organizational team spans three continents and multiple ethnicities and genders; our virtual conference minimizes our carbon footprint; our commitment to  openness is reflected in all that we do.

The 2022 Call for Participation will be circulated in spring of 2021. A presentation of the iSchools since 2005, iConference 2022 will be the 17th conference in our annual series.

About the iConference

Since 2005, the iConference series has provided forums in which information scholars, researchers and professionals share their insights on critical information issues in contemporary society. An openness to new ideas and research fields in information science is a primary characteristic of the event. Attendance has grown every year; participants appreciate the inspiring sense of community, high quality research presentations, and myriad opportunities for engagement.

The iConference series is presented by the iSchools, a worldwide consortium of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field, and preparing students to meet the information challenges of the 21st Century. Affiliation with the iSchools is not a requirement for participation—all information scholars, researchers and practitioners are welcome at the iConference.

The following is a list of sample topics from past iConferences:

  • social, cultural and community informatics
  • health informatics, medical informatics and bioinformatics
  • human-computer interaction
  • education in Library and Information Science
  • information systems
  • social computing
  • information policy
  • information retrieval
  • information services
  • information organization
  • digital curation and preservation
  • bibliometrics and scholarly communication
  • history and philosophy of information
  • social media and participatory cultures
  • digital youth
  • social justice
  • knowledge management and infrastructures
  • computer-supported cooperative work
  • data, text and knowledge mining
  • computational social science
  • digital humanities
  • network science
  • information and communication technology for development
  • data science
  • information economics
  • information work and workers
  • user experience and design
  • media and information literacy
  • sustainable information

Learn More

To access the offical proceedings of past iConferences, vist our Past Proceedings page.To learn more about the conference in general, view our About The iConference page.




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