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iConference 2013 Summary

2013 Contents

Quick Links
By the Numbers

Program Commitee
Keynote Speakers

2013 Quick Links

Location: Fort Worth, Texas (Worthington Renaissance)
12-15 February, 2013
College of Information, University of North Texas
Conference Theme: Scholarship In Action – Data • Innovation • Wisdom
Printed Call for Participation: Click here

Official Proceedings (PDF Web-Ready Format):
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Printed Conference Brochure and Schedule: Click here
Doctoral Colloquium Brochure and Schedule: Click here
Images from the conference:

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2013 By the Numbers

Total participants: 512
Papers presented: 36
Notes presented: 36
Posters presented: 93
Workshops presented: 12
Alternative Events: 16
Social Media Expo presentations: 12
Doctoral Colloquium Participants: 23

Rates (listed in GBP):

   Early Bird (11/15 -12/15)
 Regular (12/16 – 01/27)  Late (from 01/28)
Standard Registration
 $505  $560  $630
 Student Registration
(full-time, enrolled)
 $235  $290  $360
 One Day Only  $325  $325  $325

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2013 Organizers

Honorary Conference Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Liddy, Dean and Trustee Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University and iCaucus Chair; Herman Totten, Professor, VP University and Community Affairs, University of North Texas

Conference Chair: William Moen, Associate Professor, Associate Dean, College of Information, University of North Texas

Program Co-Chairs: Kevin Crowston, Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University; Martin Halbert, Associate Professor and Dean, UNT Libraries, University of North Texas.

Papers and Notes Co-Chairs: Kevin Crowston, Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University; Martin Halbert, Associate Professor and Dean, UNT Libraries, University of North Texas.

Posters Chair: Catherine Blake, Associate Professor and Associate Director, CIRSS, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

Workshops Co-Chairs: John Carlo Bertot, Professor and Co-Director, Information Policy and Access Center, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland; Paul T. Jaeger, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Information Policy and Access Center, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland.

Alternative Events Co-Chairs: Marcia A. Mardis, Assistant Professor, College of Communication and Information, The Florida State University; Maria Souden, Post Doctoral Fellow, School of Information and Library Studies, University College Dublin.

Research Paper Development Roundtable Chair: Martin B.H. Weiss, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh.

Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chairs: Hamid Ekbia, Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University; Karen Fisher, Professor, Information School, University of Washington; Jens-Erik Mai, Professor, Royal School of Library and Information Science.

Early Career Colloquium Co-Chairs: Steven B. Sawyer, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University; Kristin Eschenfelder, Professor and Director at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Social Media Expo Organizing Committee: Shelly D. Farnham, Researcher, FUSELabs, Microsoft Research; Eytan Adar, Asst Professor, School of Information & Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan; Jamie Callan, Professor, School of Computer Science and School of Information Systems and Management, Carnegie Mellon University; Anthony J. Rotolo, Asst. Professor of Practice, Syracuse University iSchool, Faculty Lead, Social Media Program 

Proceedings Co-Chairs: Linda Schamber, Associate Professor and Acting Dean, College of Information, University of North Texas; Oksana Zavalina, Assistant Professor, College of Information, University of North Texas.

Conference System Coordinator: Yunfei Du, Associate Professor, College of Information, University of North Texas.

Conference Coordinator: Clark Heideger, iCaucus

Local Arrangements Committee Chair: Laura Venhaus, College of Information, University of North Texas.

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2013 Program Committee

Eileen Abels, Drexel University
Theresa Anderson, University of Technology, Sydney
Rosa Arriaga, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nicholas Belkin, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
John Carlo Bertot, University of Maryland
Randolph Bias, University of Texas
Wade Bishop, University of Kentucky
Catherine Blake, University of Illinois
Pia Borlund, Royal School of Library and Information Science Copenhagen
Peter Brusilovsky, University of Pittsburgh
Kevin Crowston, Kevin Crowston, Syracuse University
Joy Davidson, Glasgow University
Robert Deng, Singapore Management University
Yunfei Du, University of North Texas
Hamid Ekbia, Indiana University
Pedro Ferreira, Carnegie Mellon
Karen Fisher, University of Washington
Andrew Flinn, University College London
Fred Fonseca, The Pennsylvania State University
Maria Gade, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
Martin Halbert, University of North Texas
Steve Howard, University of Melbourne
Paul T. Jaeger, University of Maryland
Heikki Keskustalo, University of Tampere
Anita Komlodi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Cory Knobel, University of California, Irvine
Elizabeth Liddy, Syracuse University
Jens-Erik Mai, Royal School of Library and Information Science
Marcia A. Mardis, The Florida State University
Eden Medina, Indiana University
Eric Meyers, University of British Columbia
William Moen, University of North Texas
Karine Nahon, University of Washington
Arcot Rajasekar (Raja), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lionel Robert, University of Michigan
Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University
Linda Schamber, University of North Texas
Maria Souden, University College Dublin
Steve Sawyer, Syracuse University
Barbara Schultz-Jones, University of North Texas
Mega M. Subramaniam, University of Maryland
Elaine Toms, University of Sheffield
Herman Totten, University of North Texas
Martin H.B. Weiss, University of Pittsburgh
Judith Wusteman, University College Dublin
Iris Xie, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee
Oksana Zavalina, University of North Texas

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2013 Awards

The following awards were presented at iConference 2013.

Doctoral Dissertation Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding dissertation of the preceding year. Each member iSchool was invited to submit one dissertation for blind review by a jury of Ph.D. program directors and faculty. The two winners received $2,500 USD, the runner up $1,000 USD. The honorees were recognized during the Awards Luncheon on Thursday, Feb. 14.

2013 Winners
Jaime Snyder, Syracuse University
Image-Enabled Discourse: Investigating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice
Learn more.

Tammy Toscos, Indiana University
Digital Vigilance: Pervasive Technology for Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Learn more.

2013 Runner Up
Josh Blumenstock, University of California, Berkeley
Essays on the Economic Impacts of Mobile Phones in Sub-Saharan Africa
Learn more.

Lee Dirks Best Paper Award

Sponsored by Microsoft Research, this award is presented to the author(s) of the conference’s most outstanding paper, as judged by the Papers and Program Chairs. The award comes with prize of $5,000 USD. The award was announced during the Awards Luncheon on Thursday, Feb. 14. This award honors the memory of Lee Dirks, long-time friend and supporter of the iConference.

2013 Winning Paper: Cooperative Visualization: A Design Case
Author: Nathan Prestopnik, Syracuse University

Honorable Mention Papers

A Study on Q & A Services Between Community-based Question Answering and Collaborative Digital Reference in Two Languages
Authors: Dan Wu, Wuhan University; Daqing He, University of Pittsburgh

Searching for Theory in Metadata
Author: Ben Li, University of Oulu

Buying Numbers: An Empirical Analysis of the IPv4 Number Market
Authors: Milton L. Mueller, Syracuse University; Brenden Kuerbis, University of Toronto

Retrocomputing as Preservation and Remix
Authors: Yuri Takhteyev, University of Toronto; Quinn DuPont; University of Toronto

Notes Awards

Best Note of Conference

Exploring Hybrid-economic Communities and the Technology-mediated Identities Performed There
Author: Warren S. Allen, Drexel University

Honorable Mention Notes

Educational Dialogue and Technological Utterances
Author: Michael Robert Marcinkowski, The Pennsylvania State University

E-books in Academia: Expectations and Challenges
Authors: Irene Lopatovska, Pratt Institute; M. Cristina Pattuelli, Pratt Institute; Leanora Lange, Pratt Institute; Victoria Ludas Orlofsky, Pratt Institute

Chatting with Friends Online While Watching a Video: What and How Much Information Are Retained?
Authors: Lin Lin, University of North Texas; Chris Bigenho, University of North Texas

Poster Awards

Best Poster of Conference
Remediating Tinker Bell: Childhood Commodification and the Transmedia Narrative
Authors: Eric M. Meyers, University of British Columbia; Lindsey Krabbenhoft, University of British Columbia; Julia P. McKnight, University of British Columbia

Honorable Mention Posters

Fearless Cards: computer training for extremely marginalized populations
Authors: Ricardo Gomez, University of Washington; Ivette Bayo, University of Washington; Philip Reed, University of Washington; Cherry Wang, University of Washington

Identifying Claims In Social Science Literature
Authors: Shameem Ahmed, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Catherine Blake, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Kate Williams, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Noah Lenstra, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Qiyuan Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Neighborhood Book Exchange: Community Catalyst or Media Hype?
Authors: Kathleen Gollner, University of British Columbia; Tenny Webster, University of British Columbia; Lisa Nathan, University of British Columbia

Cultural Context of Social Media Use: How Do Iranians Adapt and Use Facebook?
Recipient: Emad Khazraee, Drexel University

Best Social Media Expo Project

This award is presented to the authors of the conference’s most outstanding Social Media Expo presentation, as judged by the Expo Organizing Committee.
2013 Social Media Best Project: Learning with Polyphony: AmpDamp
Team: Amelia Acker, University of California, Los Angeles; Melissa Chalmers, University of Michigan; Matt Burton, University of Michigan; Grant Wythoff, Princeton University; Thomas Lodato, Georgia Institute of Technology

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2013 Keynote Speakers

The following three speakers made keynote presentations at iConference 2013.

V. Lane Rawlins (President, University of North Texas)

Title: “A University Is Not A ‘Place’ ”
Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development at the University of North Texas
Wednesday, February 13, 8:30 – 10:00 am

Abstract: Major Universities increasingly have programs and influence far beyond the borders of the physical campus and deliver educational and support services to many who are not actually enrolled in courses. Public universities in particular, are engaged in activities that are integral to the welfare of the states and regions. These range from athletics to economic development.

This presentation looks at the past and present practices of universities in “engagement”. Examples will be explored and a call for a more deliberate and extensive model will be issued.

V. Lane Rawlins is the University of North Texas’ 15th president. He joined UNT in 2010. Now in his third public university presidency, President Rawlins is guiding UNT as it seeks to grow as a major public research university offering the best undergraduate educational experience in Texas. Throughout his career, President Rawlins has focused on maintaining strong connections between high-quality research and undergraduate education.

UNT is the nation’s 25th largest university. Located in one of the nation’s largest, fastest-growing metropolitan areas, UNT is home to about 36,000 students and 214 degree programs and is the largest, most comprehensive university in the North Texas region. Founded in 1890, the university is a driving force in higher education in Texas. The university awards more than 8,500 degrees a year.

Prior to joining UNT, President Rawlins led Washington State University from 2000 to 2007 when it was designated a top-tier research university and substantially grew its research funding. His leadership also resulted in increased enrollment of academically talented students and a stronger statewide presence. Following his retirement from WSU, he served from 2007 to 2009 as the interim director of the William D. Ruckelshaus Center for Conflict Resolution, a regional program of WSU and the University of Washington. Before joining WSU, he served as president of the University of Memphis from 1991 to 2000. He also served as the University of Alabama System’s vice chancellor for academic affairs and WSU’s vice provost and department chair in economics.

President Rawlins earned his Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley and his B.S. in economics from Brigham Young University.

Ruth West (Associate Professor, University of North Texas)

Sponsored by CA Technologies
Thursday, February 14, 10:30 – 11:30 am

Ruth West has a joint appointment in the Department of Library and Information Sciences, College of Information, in the Department of Studio Art’s New Media Program in the College of Visual Arts and Design, in the Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences and in the Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA) Research Cluster. Prior affiliations include: UCLA CENS (NSF Center for Embedded Networked Sensing), NCMIR (National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research), UCLA Design | Media Arts, and Cedars-Sinai Health System. Ruth West is an interdisciplinary media artist-researcher working with emerging technologies. She envisions a future in which art-science integration allows us to open new portals of imagination, knowledge and communication across cultures and create solutions for our most pressing global problems.

West describes her presentation as follows: “Whether generated by terrestrial observatories, automated genomic sequencing, social media, high-resolution sub-cellular imaging, surveillance video, financial transactions, or the emerging ‘quantified self’ movement ‘big data,’ is here to stay. The richness of these massive repositories is such that we can generate an enormous amount of interpretations to address human concerns spanning the personal to the global over an equally wide range of disciplines. Yet the abstraction of nature and culture into vast and abstract data present challenges for the articulation and representation of linkages between the invisible and the visible ¬ the immaterial scale of digital artifacts and the physical scales and dynamic states they represent. We face a crisis of representation. In this talk I¹ll discuss some work interrogating these challenges within cross-disciplinary collaborations to create new kinds of engagement, insight, and cultural forms through hybrid research that blurs boundaries between disciplines in purposeful and productive ways.”

Nancy Cantor (Chancellor, Syracuse University)

Title: “Scholarship in Action and the Connected Community”
Sponsored by Branchfire iAnnotate
Friday, February 15, 8:00 – 9:30 am
Nancy Cantor, chancellor and president of Syracuse University, is known for her work on the public mission of universities, a topic on which she lectures and writes extensively along with intertwined issues such as rewarding public scholarship, sustainability, liberal education and the creative campus, the status of women in the academy, and racial justice and diversity. She is the co-chair of the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council, a post to which she was appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Prior to her appointment at Syracuse, Cantor served in numerous leadership positions in higher education, including provost at the University of Michigan and chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A prolific author, Cantor holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University and is recognized for her contributions to the understanding of how individuals perceive and think about their social worlds, pursue personal goals, and how they regulate their behavior to adapt to life’s most challenging social environments.

She is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and of the National Academies Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability. She has received the Distinguished Scientific Award for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology from the American Psychological Association, the Woman of Achievement Award from the Anti-Defamation League, the Making a Difference for Women Award from the National Council for Research on Women, the Frank W. Hale, Jr., Diversity Leadership Award from the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, and the 2008 Carnegie Corporation Academic Leadership Award.

Cantor has led and served on numbers boards: the American Association for Higher Education the American Council on Education, the American Institutes for Research, Say Yes to Education, and the Future of Minority Studies. She is an Honorary Trustee of the American Psychological Foundation and was national co-chair of Imagining America’s Tenure Team Initiative.

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