Research Blog Post: New lion-alert platform helps protect both livestock and lions


In an area populated by more than 1,000 carnivorous lions, you might think people need protection. But actually, it’s the other way around. In Botswana’s Okavango Delta, lions are often shot or poisoned as locals attempt to protect their free-roaming livestock.

In the latest installment of our iSchools Research Blog, PhD Candidate Konstantin Aal of the University of Siegen explains how his research in conjunction with CLAWS Conservancy is helping mitigate human-lion conflict. Using information- and communications-technology (ICT), the group is developing a lion alert system for improved livestock protection in rural communities. With early warnings, rural communities can take proactive steps to prevent attack rather than rely on the historic model of reactive management—i.e. the unnecessary killing of lions.

Click here to read Konstantin’s blog entry.

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