Central China Normal University Joins iSchools


The School of Information Management at Central China Normal University has joined the iSchools organization. CCNU’s application was accepted by the iSchools Board of Directors on Feb. 5, 2019. The school is now a member of our consortium of nearly 100 institutions dedicated to advancing the information field in the 21st century. They join at the iCaucus level, showing their high level of commitment to the organization.

Above: Central China Normal University School of Information Managment

The CCNU iSchool is located in Wuhan, China. The Head of School is Prof. Yuhai Li. The school currently has 44 permanent professors and lecturers, plus additional external professor and adjuncts.

The CCNU iSchool PhD program dates back to 2005, and now includes Information Science, Management Science and Engineering, Library Science, and Archival Science. It also offers master’s degrees in Information Science, Library Science, Archival Science, Management Science and Engineering, Library & Information Science, and Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology. Bachelor’s programs include Information Resources Management, Information Management and Information Systems, and E-commerce.

“We believe that joining the iSchools is a step in the right direction, not only in terms of pursuing our school’s mission and the international strategy of our university, but also in terms of our contribution to the iSchools’ movement,” the school noted in its successful membership application.