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UMD iSchool sees emphasis on societal role as key to future library careers


A newly published story in School Library Journal traces the impact of the University of Maryland iSchool’s transition of its established MLS program into a more dynamic MLIS program focused on evolving library needs. The new program is more closely connected to changing demands in public librarianship and supporting diverse patrons.

“We’ve seen a pretty systematic dismantling of public sphere safety nets for the better part of four decades,” says UMD’s John Carlo Bertot in the article; Bertot is the school’s former MLIS director and is now co-director of the school’s Information and Policy Access Center. “The Library is becoming this social safety net within communities. We needed to really rethink our program and how we prepare people for careers that might be quite different from what they thought they were getting into.”

The article provides detailed case studies of recent program graduates, demonstrating how their iSchool education launched their new career and empowered them to break barriers and make a meaningful difference in their communities. These are examples of opportunities that iSchools provide to students and communities worldwide.

The evolving educational and societal role of iSchools is one of many topic to be explored at iConference 2019, which is hosted by University of Maryland iSchool. The conference takes place in Washington DC March 31-April 3, 2019.

Click here to read the entire article on School Library Journal.