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Information meets industry as iSchools join LinkedIn


In its continuing quest to forge engagement between information researchers and industry professionals, the iSchools organization has launched a LinkedIn company page. The LinkedIn presence is a new facet of the Organization’s social media presence, which also includes Facebook and Twitter. Scholars and professionals alike can now follow the iSchools as part of their LinkedIn feed.

The iSchools’ official vision statement includes a call for iSchool graduates to “fill the person fill the personnel and leadership needs of organizations of all types and sizes.” To that end, iSchools member institutions maintain strong relationships with myriad companies worldwide. These relationships serve to help solve the business needs of industry will also creating meaningful career opportunities for students and graduates.

The iSchools’ annual iConference includes a special track called iSchools Partnerships and Practices, in which member-schools showcase special programs they have developed in partnership with industry; iConference 2019 is currently accepting proposals for this and other conference tracks.

To learn more, visit the iSchools company page at