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New iSchools Research Blog Post Examines the Role of Serendipity in Legal Work


The newest installment of the iSchools Research Blog explores the fascinating role that serendipity can play in legal research and practice.

Written by lawyer and doctoral candidate Yosef Solomon of the Department of Information Science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, the post is titled Exploring serendipity: Information encounters and their practical legal impact. It examines “super-encounters” by family-law attorneys who reported accidental, unexpected encounters as a successful way of obtaining professional information. Knowing this, practical measures can be taken in an effort to increase chances for serendipity to occur.

Solomon’s post exemplifies the intriguing and high-quality research being done by young and emerging scholars throughout the iSchools’ worldwide organization. The iSchools research blog was introduced in autumn 2017 to showcase this ongoing and amazing work. Recent posts have also examined Emotion Detection in Microblog Text, Social Trust in Internet Infrastructure, and Design Education in Librarianship.

The iSchools encourage the submission of research blog proposals from young scholars at its member schools. Prospective authors can use the proposal submission form on the iSchools website to submit their research for consideration by the editorial board.