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iSchools Welcome Three New Members


The iSchools organization is pleased to announce the addition of three new member-schools. The new members join a consortium of 84 schools and institutions dedicated to advancing the information field.

The new member schools are:

The membership applications of these schools were reviewed by the iSchools membership committee and recommended to the iSchools Caucus (iCaucus) for approval; the iCaucus is the governing body of the iSchools. The schools were formally notified of their acceptance by iCaucus Chair Ron Larsen, dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences.

The iSchools organization was founded in 2005 by a collective of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field in the 21st Century. The organization incorporated as iSchools Inc. in 2015, and was granted nonprofit status in 2016. The consortium now spans more than 80 schools on five continents.

The iSchools organization supports and recognizes student achievement through its annual Doctoral Colloquium and Doctoral Dissertation Award, as well as other special contests and mentoring opportunities. The iSchools also provide collaboration tools and other support to assist faculty in their teaching and research endeavors. Every year, the iSchools organization presents the iConference, a forum in which information scholars, researchers and professionals share their insights on critical information issues in contemporary society. The next event, iConference 2017, will take place March 22-25, 2017 in Wuhan, China.