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National Consortium for Data Science Chooses Drexels Marcello Balduccini as 2016 Data Fellow


Philadelphia (USA). – “Three researchers located at Drexel University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been named 2016 Data Fellows by the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) […].
The NCDS, a public-private partnership to advance data science and address the challenges and opportunities of big data, will provide each Data Fellow with $50,000 to support work that addresses data science research issues in novel and innovative ways. Their work will be expected to advance the mission and vision of the NCDS, which formed in early 2013. Fellowships begin July 1 and last one year.
Data Fellow positions are open to faculty members at NCDS member institutions, which includes universities in the University of North Carolina system and Drexel University. A record 30 researchers from six member universities applied for Fellowships this year. Their proposals addressed many of the hot research topics in data science, including data mining, business analytics, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and using data for informed decision-making. […] A review committee representing seven NCDS member institutions reviewed the proposals and chose the three 2016 Data Fellows. They are:
– Marcello Balduccini, assistant research professor, College of Computing & Informatics, Drexel University (Title: Action-centered Information Retrieval)
– Casey Dietrich, assistant professor, civil, construction, and environmental engineering, North Carolina State University (Title: Mapping and Visualization of Coastal Flood Forecasts for Decision Support)
– Nirjon Shahriar, assistant professor, department of computer science, UNC-Chapel Hill (Title: Privacy Analytics of Homegrown IoT Data)”
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