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Maryland’s iSchool Announces Youth Experience Opportunities: Post-Master’s Certificate & MLS Specialization


“College Park, Md. (USA) – The University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies, Maryland’s iSchool, is excited to announce two new opportunities in Youth Experience (YX). Beginning Fall 2016, the YX specialization will be available for students in the Master of Library Science (MLS) Program at the iSchool. In addition to the specialization, the iSchool is developing a post-master’s certificate in YX with generous funding from the Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS).
Both fully-online programs are being developed in response to a need for targeted support for children and youth librarians. The YX opportunities will prepare leaders, educators, and change agents who deeply understand the dynamic contexts of youth. Education is no longer confined to the school building – youth are learning across both formal and informal learning spaces, including libraries, museums, community centers, and online environments. Information professionals must be prepared to meet youth in their own spaces (online, in person, and in between), use technology to facilitate existing interests, and be in tune with what they find relevant and motivating.
“Using the existing expertise in librarianship and learning sciences at the iSchool, we created a new portfolio of courses related to youth (birth to 18) called Youth Experience (YX). In order to better address the existing community needs, we are thrilled to continue this development and create a post master’s certificate for current children and youth librarians, which will include critical aspects of promoting learning using technology such as adult mentorship, partnership, participatory design, and design thinking in the context of learning in libraries and beyond.” – Mega Subramaniam, iSchool Associate Professor and Principal Investigator for the IMLS.”
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