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Publish Your Work in the iSchool Review


The iSchool Review, a new publication showcasing work from master’s students in professional degree programs, is seeking content for its inaugural issue. This is an opportunity for iSchool students to gain attention for their cutting-edge work. The inaugural issue will focus on information management, information design, and information policy.

The editors are seeking contributions that further the interdisciplinary trajectory of 21st-century iSchools. This can include traditional essays, policy papers, interactive information visualizations, UI/UX projects, and more.

The deadline for submission is Feb. 12, 2016. Submission requirements are included at the end of this post. The iSchool Review is published by the University of California, Berkeley, but masters students attending any iSchool are invited to submit. Questions can be sent to The URL is

In addition, a special session focused on the creation of the iSchool Review will take place at iConference 2016 in Philadelphia. SIE # 448 “iSchool Review” will take place Monday, March 21, 3:30-5:00 pm. Click here to view the iConference program schedule. Registration is now open.

iSchool Review Submission Guidelines

Each submission should include an abstract that contains the following:

  1. Title of Paper
  2. Name(s) of Author(s)
  3. Contact e-mail(s) for the author(s)
  4. Affiliated academic institution(s)
  5. A brief summary that provides a high-level overview of the work and explains its significance to the relevant field(s).
  6. This summary should be no longer than 250 words.
  7. Acknowledgements (optional).
  8. 3 to 5 keywords that categorize the work.

Faculty Endorsement
Each work that is selected for publication will require an endorsement from a faculty member at the author(s)’s affiliated academic institution(s). The faculty endorsement should be about 250 words and should address the following: describe why the work submitted is important, how it advances the relevant field(s) and/or any noteworthy technical achievements.

NOTE: We do not require the faculty endorsement at the time of submission. However, if your submission is selected for publication you will be responsible for securing and submitting the faculty endorsement. Any/all authors whose work is selected for publication but fail to secure and submit a faculty endorsement will not actually be published in The iSchool Review.

Interactive Component(s)
As a digital-only publication, we seek to take of advantage of interactivity in each issue of The iSchool Review. To that point, we encourage submitters to include interactive components and visualizations when relevant. These interactive components as well as the text of the submissions will be considered when making the final selections for the publication.

If a submission’s interactive component is posted online, please include a link to the appropriate website(s). If the interactive component is not posted online, please include relevant screenshots.

Submissions should use Times New Roman font. The font size should be 12 pt. The text of the submission should be double-spaced. All pages should be numbered in the upper right hand corner.

Each submission should have a separate Works Cited page. Entries should be written according to APA style and listed alphabetically by author’s last name.

Submission Process
All submissions should be sent via email to and should be either in .doc or .docx format. Please submit by the appropriate deadline.

Please do not submit PDFs.

Any/all interactive component(s) should be included via screenshots and/or with a link to an external website.

Selection Process
The Editorial Board will hold a vote after each submission deadline.

Response Time
You can expect to receive a notification within four weeks after the relevant deadline for your submission.