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UNT College of Information selected for iSchool executive body iCaucus


“DENTON (UNT), Texas (USA) — The University of North Texas College of Information has been named to the iCaucus, the executive body of iSchools, a coalition of information schools and colleges at 65 universities in Canada, the U.S. and 20 other nations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Herman L. Totten, dean of the College of Information, said the selection to the iCaucus is very prestigious for the college because caucus members represent the top Tier 1 universities. Other U.S. iCaucus members include Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rutgers, Syracuse University, the University of California at Berkley, the University of Michigan and the University of Texas at Austin.

Membership in the iCaucus, Totten said, positions UNT’s College of Information in position to recruit the brightest and best students and faculty from around the world and participate in faculty exchange programs and host faculty from member iSchools who are on sabbaticals.”
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