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Sponsored Research Fund

The iSchools organization maintains a research fund for the benefit of its member schools, as circumstances permit. Members of the iSchools may apply for these funds per the guidelines below. 

Applications are considered twice per year, generally on 1 October and 1 March. See the guidelines below for details. Questions may be directed to

Application Guidelines

The person making the application must hold a multi-year teaching position at a member-iSchool or be the doctoral student of an iSchools professor. Any topic may be considered, but projects involving doctoral research or outreach to underrepresented regions, and applications with some match funding from other sources will be considered favourably. As a general rule, the maximum duration of the funding will be one year. The amount of funding may vary from $1,000 -$5,000 USD depending on the nature of the project.

Note: The following Guidelines were revised on Sept. 13, 2021. If you have already prepared a proposal based on our former guidelines, your proposal will be considered for the Oct. 1 2021 cycle and no updates are necessary. 

To apply, download our grant application form and submit per the instuctions at the bottom of this page.

If unable to download the form, you may submit the following:

  • A detailed budget containing the following: Personnel costs; Travel costs; Materials costs; and Other costs (explain). Note that grants will cover direct costs only; indirect costs are not covered.
  • A Project Description, 300 words maximum.
  • An Impact Description, 200 words maximum (includes publication plans).
  • Indicate which of the following categories apply to your project (indicate all that apply): Doctoral research: Underrepresented region; Matching funds; Increase diversity; Innovative approach; and Other (please explain).
  • Affirmation that the project complies with GDPR requirements for privacy and data protection.
  • Affirmation of institutional review board approval, if required by your institution.

Submission Instructions

Applications must include a CV from the applicant and a timeline that includes the deliverables. All application materials should be combinded and saved as a PDF and sent via email to with the following subject line: Grant Proposal, attn. executive director. 

Those receiving the funds must present their results.

Selection Process

Decisions about the award are made by the iSchools chair, one of the regional chairs (in rotation), the treasurer, and ex officio the executive director (non-voting).

Judging criteria:

  1. Does the proposal fit the criteria of the call?
  2. Is the proposal well written and well planned?
  3. Will the proposal foster iSchools aims?
  4. To what extent does the proposal fulfill the iSchools vision and goals

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