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  • 26 Mar 2020 20:26 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    iConference 2020, the iSchools' annual information conference, continues to move forward in its new virtual format. At the conclusion of today's program (Day 4), the organizer’s offormally named the winning submissions for this years Research Papers and Posters categories. Here are the results:

    Winner, Lee Dirks Award for Best Full Research Paper

    Identifying Historical Travelogues in Large Text Corpora Using Machine Learning


    Authors: Jan Rörden, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria); Doris Gruber, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria); Martin Krickl, Austrian National Library (Austria); Bernhard Haslhofer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)


    Winner, Best Short Research Paper


    Challenges in Organizing and Accessing Video Game Artifacts


    Authors: Jin Ha Lee, University of Washington (USA); Marc Schmalz, University of Washington (USA); Stephen Keating, University of Washington (USA); Jeewon Ha, University of Washington (USA)


    Winner, Best Poster


    Who Gave You the Right?: Exploring Power and Politics in Journalism and Academic Work Chronicling Hurricane Maria


    Authors: Amy Chew, University of Michigan, iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3); Gabriela C. Delgado-Fernandini, University of Puerto Rico, iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3); Jamario Devon Cantrell, Vanderbilt University, iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3); Daniel Carter, Texas State University, iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3)


    All winners and finalists will receive a certificate commemorating their achievement. In addition, the winners of the Lee Dirks Award will share a $1,000 prize courtesy of Springer and the iSchools.

    Visit the conference Awards page for a complete summary of this year’s winners and finalists. The iSchools and the conference organizers congratulate the winners and all finalists, and thank them for contributing to the overall high quality of this year’s submissions.


    iConference 2020 began on March 23 and remains in progress as of press time. Part 1 of this year’s iConference will conclude on Friday, March 27, with the presentation of our popular Sessions for Interaction and Engagement. This will be followed by the commencement of Part 2, with a series of Special Presentations taking place for another week. See the Virtual Program Schedule for details and start times.


    iConference is a presentation of the iSchools and is organized by the University of Borås: Swedish School of Library and Information Science, and Oslo Metropolitan University: Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science. Sponsors include the City of Borås, Monash University, and Springer.

  • 24 Mar 2020 23:00 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    iConference 2020 commenced on Monday, March 23. We are now two days into our program, and the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. The transformation to an all-virtual format is not only allowing this year’s conference to move forward, but also lets the organization explore virtual communications techniques on a scale that can help us better serve our worldwide membership in the future.

    iConference 2020 has reached a total of 390 registered virtual participants. This figure is surprisingly close to our attendance projections for the original physical format. This remarkable attendance is a testament to the resilience of the information community and its support of the conference. The iSchools and conference co-hosts the University of Borås and Oslo Metropolitan University thank everyone for their participation.

    iConference 2020 received 402 contributions during the submission phase that were then evaluated by a team of 451 peer reviewers; our sincere thanks go out to those reviewers for lending us their expertise. Our virtual program now includes 71 papers, 56 posters, 7 sessions for interaction and engagement, 3 workshops and 2 keynotes, as well as 5 special presentations to come next week. That amounts to 144 individual presentations in total. 

    Most remarkably, arrangements to provide all 144 presentations in an entirely virtual format were made in a span of less than two weeks.

    The list of individuals and schools who assisted with this transition is long. The iSchools organization is grateful to all the 2020 track chairs and organizers for their hard work, throughout the year and into the final transformative push. We also salute the presenters who willingly transitioned their talks into a virtual format at the eleventh hour—this especially applies to the Colloquia and Symposium Chairs, as well as Workshop and SIE organizers, who had to significantly overhaul their entire program formats in just a few days. We also thank the Zoom hosts, IT staff and Zoom experts from the University of Borås and OsloMet who embraced the technical challenge of transforming the conference.

    Many iSchools also stepped up to assist. The list includes iSchools at Sungkyunkwan University, the University of Michigan, the University of Maryland, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Porto, Wuhan University, and Universiti Tekologi MARA

    Last but not least, we are grateful to the 390 participants who are currently showing their faith in the iConference through their virtual attendance and wholehearted participation.

    The bulk of the iConference 2020 program will run through Friday, March 27, with an additional series of Special Presentations to come in the following week.

  • 18 Mar 2020 23:05 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    As part of the ongoing transformation of iConference 2020 into an all-virtual format, the organizers have now released their Virtual Program Schedule. iConference 2020 will commence this coming Monday, March 23, and now runs through Friday, March 27. 

    iConference 2020 was originally slated to take place in Borås, Sweden. But a little over a week ago, when public gatherings were discouraged (and later banned) due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the organizers announced their intent of quickly converting the conference to an all-virtual format. The release of the revised Virtual Program Schedule is a key step in that transformation.

    Conference participants will notice that sessions in the new schedule are now consecutive rather than concurrent. Faced with the challenge of scheduling for global attendance, the organizers strove to put presentations at relatively convenient times for presenters, to the extent this was possible. The consecutive sessions format also allows each participant to access to more sessions in total, should they wish, because there are fewer conflicts. Participants are further advised that although the organizers regard this schedule as essentially final, it remains subject to change. 

    All times listed in the Virtual Program Schedule are CET (Central European Time), and virtual participants will need to factor for the time difference at their physical location. The current time CET is indicated in a running clock at the top of the schedule.

    In a related move, the organizers have also released the iConference 2020 app for mobile devices. This app is made available through a partnership with Conference4me. The app includes an interactive program schedule and other useful features such as Chat, which can enable participants to interact with presenters in real time during sessions. The Conference4me app for iConference 2020 is available from leading app vendors and also directly from Conference4me.

    iConference 2020 will take place March 23 – 26 via Zoom. The conference theme is Sustainable Digital Communities. Virtual registrations remain available for purchase on the conference Registration page.

    iConference is a presentation of the iSchools and is organized by the University of Borås: Swedish School of Library and Information Science, and Oslo Metropolitan University: Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science. Sponsors include the City of Borås, Monash University, and Springer.


  • 16 Mar 2020 20:58 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    As the organizers of iConference 2020 continue the transition to an all-virtual format, iSchools from around the world are stepping forward to offer their help and support for the event. Together, the iSchools are blazing the trail for future virtual collaboration.

    “It’s gratifying to see the iSchools community rally behind the iConference, its signature event,” said iSchools Executive Director Michael Seadle. “Many are seeing this for what it is, which is an opportunity for the information community to embrace virtual collaboration and show leadership in the face of a global crisis.”

    On March 10 the iConference 2020 organizers announced their intention of transforming the conference to an all-virtual format. Subsequent global events surrounding the coronavirus have reaffirmed that decision. Now, with the help of fellow iSchools from around the world, plans for the revised conference format are rapidly coming together. An updated conference schedule will be made available later this week, as well as detailed instructions for presenting and attending conference sessions via Zoom.

    While the iConference has experimented in the past with remote presentations and other virtual participant elements, this will be the first ever all-virtual iConference. Seadle says that while this rapid transition is an enormous undertaking, he expects this years’ experience can have a positive impact on how future iConferences are organized.

    “It is no small challenge to transform the entire structure of a conference in just a few weeks, but the organizers and the iSchools staff have been working hard at this in order to give members around the world the opportunity to take part,” said Seadle. “The lessons we learn here will be invaluable to future collaboration in our increasingly virtual world.” 

    iConference 2020 will take place March 23 – 26 via Zoom. The conference theme is Sustainable Digital Communities. Virtual registrations are available for purchase on the Registration webpage.

    iConference is a presentation of the iSchools and is organized by the University of Borås: Swedish School of Library and Information Science, and Oslo Metropolitan University: Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science. 

  • 9 Mar 2020 18:00 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    In light of ongoing global health developments related to COVID19, the leadership at the University of Borås has advised the iConference organizers against continuing with an in-person international gathering and are instead calling for a virtual format.

    The conference organizers are now in the process of transforming iConference 2020 into an interactive, all-virtual format. The organizers look forward to working with the iSchools community to bring this new conference plan to fruition.

    A letter summarizing the situation has been sent to all registered participants. Detailed instruction on how the virtual conference will be conducted will be posted to the conference website as soon as it's available. 

    The organizers ask that everyone hold off on their questions for a few days while details are sorted out.

    This story was updated on March 10 to include a link to the participant letter.

  • 6 Mar 2020 16:09 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    Participants at iConference 2020 can sustain their intellectual momentum following the conference by taking part in a half-day workshop presented by Linnaeus University immediately following the iConference. The workshop is titled Knowledge Organization for Digital Humanities, and takes place March 27, 2020.

    iConference 2020 takes place Monday, March 23 through Thursday, March 26 in Borås, Sweden. The Linnaeus University satellite workshop takes place Friday, the day after the conclusion of the iConference, in Växjö, Sweden, which is a 2-hour train ride from Borås.

    Participation in this workshop is free to conference participants, although signup is requested. Visit the workshop webpage for details and signup information. 

  • 6 Mar 2020 03:19 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) has issued a Call for Papers on Information Behaviour and Information Practices Theory. The Special Issue aims to bring together scholars who are interested in developing theory – and exploring how to incorporate theory – in information behaviour and information practices research.

    According to JASIST, while there is a long and rich tradition of creating models and frameworks in information behaviour, criticism remains that there is a lack of cohesive theory and/or that theory borrowed from other fields may be treated in shallow ways. This special issue proposes to continue and extend the work began in Theories of Information Behavior (Fisher et al., 2005), a book composed of the contributions from the participants of the 2003 ASIS&T SIG-USE Symposium.

    Click here for more information on how to contribute to this special issue.

  • 6 Mar 2020 03:11 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    The Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) has appointed Lilia Pavlovsky, Ph.D. to its Board of Directors. Pavlovsky has been named Director for Special Interest Groups, and will help ALISE fulfill its vision as the global voice of library and information science education.

    Pavlovsky is an Associate Teaching Professor and Director of the Master of Information program at the Rutgers iSchool. She joined the faculty in 2003 to help develop the fully online program and has been the recipient of multiple teaching and service awards recognizing her expertise as an educator in online environments. Her research focuses on how the design of virtual learning environments impacts behavior.

    Click here for this and more Rutgers iSchool news.

  • 28 Feb 2020 00:35 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    Today the organizers of iConference 2020 posted detailed presentation guidelines specific to all conference tracks. Authors and session organizers can use these guidelines to begin planning their conference presentations. Visit our Presentation Guidelines page for full details.

    iConference 2020 takes place March 23-26 in Borås, Sweden. This year’s theme is Sustainable Digital Communities. As always, participants can visit the conference home page for the latest program updates.

    iConference 2020 is a presentation of the iSchools and is hosted by the University of Borås: Swedish School of Library and Information Science, and Oslo Metropolitan University: Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science. Sponsors include the City of Borås, Monash University, and Springer.

  • 19 Feb 2020 00:05 | iSchools News (Administrator)

    This is the third and final installment in our series on iConference 2020 keynote speakers, this time focusing on Professor Lorna M. Hughes. Hughes will speak at our opening plenary on Tuesday, March 24. More can be found on our keynote speaker webpage.

    Hughes is Professor in Digital Humanities at the University of Glasgow, where she is based in the Information Studies Subject area. Her research addresses the creation of digital cultural heritage, and the use and re-use of digital collections for research, teaching, and public engagement. She has a specific interest in the conceptualisation, development, implementation and categorisation of digital methods in the humanities, and the collaborations between the humanities and scientific disciplines that drive this agenda.

    Hughes has worked in digital humanities, and on the development of hybrid digital collections based on material culture held by memory institutions, at a number of organisations in the USA and UK. 

    She has had leading roles – as Primary Investigator, or co-Investigator – on over 20 funded research projects, including the EPSRC-AHRC Scottish National Heritage Partnership. From 2011-2014, while based at the National Library of Wales, she led the development of ‘The Welsh Experience of the First World War’ (, a digital archive of resources related to the First World War in Wales, including 200,000 pages of archives. The project was based at the National Library of Wales, and funded by a Jisc Mass Digitisation grant. It was a collaboration between all special collections and archives in HEIs in Wales, the BBC Wales Archive, and four local archives, and it also included community generated content. 

    Hughes’ presentation is titled, Co-creating digital cultural heritage: unlocking historic archives and records through new approaches to digitization. This is how she describes it: "Mass digitisation of historic collections in archives, museums, libraries and universities has created a considerable volume of data for research across the disciplines, and opened up new lines of enquiry. Increasingly, community generated digital content can amplify and augment the ‘official’ digital collections, and open up previously hidden histories and encourage greater public engagement with the past. These collections have been developed through processes of co-creation, and they demonstrate how digitisation can enable our archives to expand beyond the physical boundaries of the repository, dissolving the physical boundaries which previously marked official from non-official, and creator from user. This approach highlights a fundamental shift in the material nature and location of the archive that is facilitated by the digital environment. This presentation will discuss examples of co-creation, and the digital affordances that enable it."

    iConference 2020 takes place March 23-26 in Borås, Sweden. More information about all of this year’s keynote speakers can be found on the conference website. Click here for registration details.

    iConference 2020 is a presentation of the iSchools and is hosted by the University of Borås: Swedish School of Library and Information Science, and Oslo Metropolitan University: Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science. Sponsors include the City of Borås, Monash University, and Springer.


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