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  • 3 Jan 2022 22:15 | iSchools News

    The 2022 International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM 2022) will be held will be held June 23-24 at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany. This 17th event in the ICKM series will provide researchers and practitioners from all over the world a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas concerning theoretical and practical aspects of Knowledge Management. The 2022 theme is, “Knowledge, Uncertainty and Risks: From individual to global scale”

    The conference has issued a Call for Papers with submission deadline of Feb. 1, 2022. See website for full details. ICKM is organized by the International Council on Knowledge Management.

  • 3 Jan 2022 21:11 | iSchools News

    The journal Library and Information Science Research seeks articles on the current state-of-the-art in information creation research. Selected articles will be included in a special issue focused on advances in research on information creation, to be published in July 2022.

    Initial submissions are due Jan.10, 2022, and will be peer reviewed. Full details are available in the journal’s Call for Papers.

  • 2 Dec 2021 19:46 | iSchools News

    Many of us miss the days of in-person conferences, where the flow of ideas and face-to-face networking creates a wonderful and personal dynamic. If you fall in that category, you’ll be pleased to learn that while the global health situation dictates a virtual format for iConference 2022, the organizers have taken significant steps toward enhancing opportunities for interpersonal connections and dynamic networking during our five-day information conference.

    For starters we have the Event Feed, a live ongoing discussion housed on every user’s conference dashboard. Think of the Event Feed a private social media channel, just for conference goers. Participants can use this universal venue to debate the finer points of a keynote address, elaborate on potential applications of research presentations, or pose thoughtful questions to the collective attendees.

    For more direct engagement, we offer Round Tables, a virtual venue for exploring topics with your fellow conference-goers. It’s like adding you own interactive session to our conference program. As a participant, you can initiate as many Round Tables as you wish, and on any topic, ranging from academic areas of study to pressing social issues to personal hobbies. And of course, you can use the Event Feed to announce your Round Table and invite participation.

    We also have several outgoing Social Activities Chairs who will be dedicated to fostering engagement at the conference. These chairs will initiate a number of contests and promotions throughout the conference. Watch for their announcements and invitations in the Event Feed, and feel free to reach out to them directly if you have a suggestion.

    Of course, we realize that intense engagement is not for everyone, and some find it draining to be “on” all the time. All our social engagement features are opt-in, and you are free to take part (or not) as you wish. The iConference also welcomes those who prefer to remain on the virtual sidelines as keen observers.

    iConference 2022 will take place Feb. 28 – Mar. 4, and will include nearly 100 peer reviewed research presentations, as well numerous interactive events, workshops, and keynote addresses. Registration is now open, with discounted early rates available through Jan. 23; standard rates apply thereafter. Learn more about engagement and other conference amenities on our Conference Features page.

  • 1 Dec 2021 17:23 | iSchools News

    Information and Knowledge Organisation in Digital Humanities is a new publication exploring the role of knowledge organisation in the digital humanities, authored by Koraljka Golub, and Ying-Hsang Liu. By focusing on how information is described, represented and organized in both research and practice, this work furthers the transdisciplinary nature of digital humanities.

    Including contributions from Asia, Australis, Europe, North America and the Middle East, the volume explores the potential uses of, and challenges involved in, applying the organisation of information and knowledge in the various areas of digital humanities. Learn more

  • 30 Nov 2021 20:51 | iSchools News

    A collaboration of schools in the US and Japan will soon present a symposium titled Data Curation and Information Management in the Age of Digital Transformation.

    The program highlights the partnerships between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) and Kyushu University (Kyushu) faculty on meeting the research and education challenges posed by the present-day information deluge. The colloquium is convened within the framework of the collaborative explorations amongst the School of Information Sciences (Illinois), the Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Science (Kyushu), the University and Grainger Engineering Libraries (Illinois), and the University Library (Kyushu). 

    The symposium will take place Wednesday, Dec. 8, 6:30-8:00 pm US Central Time; this corresponds to Thursday, Dec. 9, 9:00-11:30 am Japan Standard Time. 

    The program will consist of eight sessions co-moderated by J. Stephen Downie of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Emi Ishita of Kyushu University.

    Visit the symposium webpage for session abstracts and registration information.

  • 30 Nov 2021 19:24 | iSchools News

    The department of Informatics at Linnaeus University, Sweden is organizing an international symposium on digital transformation, to take place Feb. 15 – 16, 2022. The symposium is aimed at researchers from all over the world who study societal, cultural, economic and/or political transformations enabled by digital technologies. This audience includes both senior researchers and doctoral students. Also invited are practitioners who work with technical and non-technical aspects of digital transformation. 

    Authors are asked to submit a two-page abstract, the best of which will be invited for submission as full papers. The abstract submission deadline is Jan. 15. 

    The symposium will also feature respected keynote speakers in digital transformation. Visit the symposium website for more information.

  • 29 Nov 2021 20:51 | iSchools News

    The University of the Philippines School of Library and Information Studies (UPSLIS) has announced a new Master's in Archives and Records Management (MARM) program. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the 34-unit, two-year graduate program will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to work in and develop archives, special collections, record centers, and other memory and collecting institutions. The MARM program will commence in Academic Year 2022-2023.

    According the UPSLIS, the program addresses the need for formal education on archives and recordkeeping in the region necessary to support and document critical organizational decisions and activities that will help ensure efficiency, transparency, and accountability in both public and private sectors, and to help preserve and promote our cultural heritage, collective memory, and identity. 

    The practical and theoretical engagements to be provided by the program will prepare the students and future archives and records professionals to be historically and culturally conscious and reflective, while further enriching their experience with information for civic engagement and participatory governance.

    More information on MARM and other UPSLIS programs can be found on the school’s website.

  • 22 Nov 2021 21:24 | iSchools News

    The iSchools organization has announced the test-launch of an individual membership program as a complement to its well-established institutional memberships. Individuals who sign up for these free experimental iSchools memberships will join a Beta cohort that will help develop the iSchools individual membership program.

    iSchools individual members will receive many benefits, including advance communications on iSchools news and special events, more opportunities to take part in the organization’s many emerging special interest groups, and potential discounts on future events. But most of all, they will have the unique opportunity of working together to help shape the future of the iSchools organization.

    At this time, one-year individual iSchools memberships are being offered exclusively to iConference participants as a benefit of registration. The only way to join the Beta cohort is to register for iConference 2022; all registrants will be given the option to opt into or out of the free individual membership program with no obligation. This opportunity is just one of many benefits that iConference 2022 participants will enjoy; visit our iConference Features page to learn more about the conference’s many features and benefits.

    More detail on the iSchools Individual Membership program can be found here.

    iConference 2022 will take place Feb. 28 – Mar. 4. Registration is now open, with discounted early rates available through Jan. 23. iConference 2022 is collectively hosted by Kyushu University (Japan), the University of Texas at Austin (USA), and University College Dublin (Ireland). The conference theme is Information for a Better World: Shaping the Global Future. The iConference Series is a presentation of the iSchools organization.

  • 22 Nov 2021 20:59 | iSchools News

    The IDEA Institute on Artificial Intelligence is calling for applications to the first in a series of one-week professional development programs for library and information professionals.

    Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), this initial program will consist of a week of intensive learning and practical experience in AI applications in library and information environments, to be held at The University of Texas at Austin. The event is slated for July 10-15, 2022.

    Library and information professionals holding full-time positions in US institutions are encouraged to apply by Feb. 1, 2022; see application link on website. According to the call, the Institute seeks 15 IMLS-funded Fellows. IMLS-funded Fellows will have their Institute expenses covered (housing, meals and program fee) and will only be responsible for the cost of their transportation. 

    IDEA stands for Innovation, Disruption, Enquiry, Access. From the websiteIDEA Institute on AI is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of the program in order to deepen the knowledge and skills of library and information professionals in using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance information access, discovery and services for users, independent of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, and other dimensions of potential inequity.

  • 22 Nov 2021 20:52 | iSchools News

    The Journal of Information Literacy is planning as Special Issue on Critical Information Literacy, and invites contributions exploring various aspects of this topic. The issue is slated for publication in June of 2023, and the deadline for contributions is Jan. 9, 2023. Read the CFP for full details and submission instructions.

    From the JIL Call:

    Critical information literacy, with its emphasis on social justice in the instructional and educational work of librarians, have been part of the scholarly literature for over twenty years (Tewell 2018). Since then, the online information landscape has become even more complex in the context of scholarly communications, misinformation and disinformation, and deeper understandings of social responsibility in terms of equality and diversity, race, gender, sexuality and disability. In addition, the roles of librarians and other educators working in information literacy spaces continue to develop against a backdrop of global environmental, health and economic crises as well as local changes to institutional structures and expectations. Responding to the challenges, practical texts such as Critical Library Pedagogy in Practice (Brookbank and Haigh, 2021) have made valuable contributions to the field of critical information literacy, detailing how critical approaches can be applied both to traditional information literacy teaching and to contexts outwith ‘traditional’ spaces for information literacy instruction, such as collection development, cataloguing, reference work, user research, LMS integration and web archiving.

    The aim of this special issue of Journal Information Literacy is twofold: to expand on the rich knowledge sharing occurring in critical information literacy practice; and to highlight explorations of this work from a research perspective. What is the nature of the ways the body of theoretical and research literature on critical information literacy is (and is not) reflected in practice?  How are social changes influencing discourse in librarianship, and in turn, the boundaries between theory, research and practice related to critical information literacy? 

    For this Call, the editors are reaching out to academics and practitioners around the world. They are particularly interested in contributions from outside the confines of academic libraries. A mentorship program for emerging authors is also offered. Visit the JIL website for full details.


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