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  • 19 Jul 2022 20:14 | iSchools News

    The School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has announce its newest degree offering, the Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences + Data Science (BS/IS+DS). The degree combines interdisciplinary courses in mathematical foundations, data science fundamentals, computational fundamentals, and social impact in data science. In addition, it incorporates meaningful research or discovery experiences, including practicum, independent study, and study abroad coursework.

    The BS/IS+DS is part of a campus-wide partnership between the iSchool and other colleges, including the Gies College of Business, the Computer Science Department in the Grainger College of Engineering, and the Department of Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Learn more
  • 19 Jul 2022 20:09 | iSchools News

    The Council on Library and Information Resources has announced the release of the full programs for its in-person conferences happening in Baltimore, MD this October: the Digital Library Federation’s (DLF) Forum and Learn@DLF, NDSA’s Digital Preservation 2022: Preserving Legacy, and CLIR’s Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium. Learn more

  • 6 Jul 2022 19:09 | iSchools News

    The iSchools Sponsored Research Fund supports research by the iSchool community through grants of up to $5,000. Grant applications were previously considered twice a year, but the submission date is changing to October so that the evaluation committee can meet to discuss all proposals face-to-face at the iConference. The committee consists of iSchools officers and Board members.  

    The applicant should have a teaching position at a member-iSchool or be an iSchools doctoral student. The range of topics is open, and projects involving doctoral research or outreach to underrepresented regions are especially encouraged. Applications with external matching funds are a plus, but not a requirement.

    Decisions were recently announced for grant applications received through 1 March 2022. Of the six proposals received, the following three were selected for funding.

    One grant went to Henria Aton of the University of Toronto. In a proposal titled Tamil in the Archival Multiverse: Power, Memory, and Loss in Contemporary Sri Lankan Archives, Aton requested support for a two-month dissertation research trip to Sri Lanka. Her goal is to excavate “the entanglement of archives with politics in Sri Lanka, from the postcolonial moment to the present.” 

    A second grant was awarded to Haley Bryant, also with the University of Toronto, for a proposal titled Digital Memory Work. Bryant will research “digital memory work: the assemblage of people, practices, protocols, knowledge, and technologies that enables digital cultural heritage projects in museums.” 

    A third grant went to Heather Moulaison Sandy, Brian Dobreski, and Karen Snow from the University of Missouri, the University of Tennessee, and Dominican University, respectively, for their proposal entitled “LGBTQ+ Identity, Code-Switching, and User Studies of Information Retrieval Systems.” They investigate how “members of a marginalized community (e.g., LGBTQ+) engage in ‘code-switching’ to adjust the terminology they use regarding identity.” 

    The next Sponsored Research Fund application deadline is 1 October 2022. Visit the Sponsored Research Fund webpage for more information, including judging criteria and an application form.

  • 29 Jun 2022 18:56 | iSchools News

    Climate change represents a growing research area in most parts of the world. A quick search of Google scholar shows over 4 million hits on a search for “climate change“, and a more detailed search would likely produce even more hits. A look at universities that belong to the iSchools shows that most do research on climate issues, even though the programs are not necessarily associated with the iSchools themselves. In the information world, climate has become big business.

    Climate information can be controversial. There are political leaders in most countries who both deny the evidence of climate change, and deny the role of humans in creating the conditions for atmospheric warming. Complex information issues are rarely completely without controversy. An important task is to separate fact from fiction, reliable information from speculation. Information quality is a long-standing concern that dates back to the iSchools‘ roots in the library world and information quality is an issue in every aspect of climate research.

    In the iSchools organization we currently support a number of special interest groups, and hope to expand to include iSchools scholars who would like to focus on climate issues. Such a group could develop in a number of ways, including sharing information about how their home universities do climate research, or creating criteria to judge the quality of climate information (including climate disinformation). As with all of the iSchools special interest groups, it will be up to those in the group to decide its direction and preferences.

    Those who have an interest in founding a group devoted to climate information issues should contact the iSchools staff at Depending on the level of interest, there could also be multiple groups based on region, time zone, or approach to the issues involved in climate research.

  • 29 Jun 2022 18:41 | iSchools News

    The Council on Library and Information Resources has announced the opening registration for their in-person conferences happening in Baltimore, Maryland, this October: the Digital Library Federation’s (DLF) Forum and Learn@DLF, NDSA’s Digital Preservation 2022: Preserving Legacy, and CLIR’s Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium.

    Events will take place on the following dates:

    • The DLF Forum (#DLFforum): October 10-12
    • Learn@DLF pre-conference workshop day (#LearnAtDLF): October 9
    • NDSA’s Digital Preservation 2022: Preserving Legacy (#DigiPres22): October 12-13
    • CLIR’s Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium (#digHC): October 12-13

    In addition, the following speakers have been announced:

    • David Nemer and Meredith Broussard will be in conversation, moderated by Sara Mannheimer
    • Dorothy Berry will keynote DigiPres with “Keeping Whose History, For Whom: Writing the Stories Digital Preservation Tells”
    • Michelle Caswell will keynote the Digitizing Hidden Collection Symposium with “‘So that Future Organizers Won’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel’: Activating Digital Archives for Liberatory Uses”

    Visit the DLF 2022 Forum website for full details and registration.

  • 23 Jun 2022 18:38 | iSchools News

    Rutgers School of Communication and Information (SC&I) faculty and staff will attend, present, and exhibit at the 2022 ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition, June 23-28, in Washington, D.C. According to the conference website, the world’s biggest library event brings together thousands of librarians, library staff, educators, authors, publishers, friends groups, trustees, exhibitors, and special guests. Full details available on the Rutgers iSchool website.

  • 21 Jun 2022 21:02 | iSchools News

    The iConference has twice offered a Chinese-language papers track, and iConference 2023 will continue that tradition, as well accepting papers in Spanish and Portuguese. The iSchools organization represents more than 120 information schools worldwide, and while English remains the primary language of its annual iConference, accepting research papers in these additional languages more fully reflects the international nature of the conference and organization.

    This is just the latest step in the iSchools' ongoing commitment to globalism. 2012 marked the first time the iConference was held outside the U.S., and 2014 the first time it was held outside of North America. When Wuhan University hosted the iConference in 2017, a Chinese-language track was introduced and attracted almost 40 percent of all papers submitted that year. 

    Since then, iConference hosting has rotated regularly among the iSchools’ global regions. Meanwhile, the iSchools Doctoral Dissertation Award competition began accepting dissertations in their original language. And when the iConference was again hosted by a Chinese School in 2021 (Renmin University of China), the Chinese papers track was reintroduced with similarly successful results.

    Now, the iSchools expect to make the Chinese Papers Track a permanent addition to the iConference program. This means that every year, Chinese scholars will have the opportunity of submitting work to this track in their native language. The Spanish and Portuguese Papers Track may also become permanent in time, depending on author interest and the availability of reviewer resources. 

    Submissions to these tracks will be subject to double-blind review by reviewers fluent in each of their respective languages.

    The addition of these tracks introduces logistical challenges, including the recruitment of a sufficient pool of qualified reviewers. The conference organizers are confident these can be addressed with the help of the global information community. See instructions below on volunteering to review.

    Scholars are now invited to make submission to all iConference tracks per the submission guidelines on our website; papers and posters are due 1 September.

  • 21 Jun 2022 16:30 | iSchools News

    Submissions are invited for presentation at the LIDA (Libraries & Information Institutions in the Digital Age) biennial international conference to be held in Osijek, Croatia, May 24-27, 2023. The theme of the conference is Information Everywhere.

    The conferences welcomes submission of papers, panels, workshops, and posters that address critical and theoretical examinations of the theme; report current research and evidence-based approaches as well as present innovative approaches from the field, and practitioner applications and perspectives.

    The LIDA conference is being planned to be fully in-person. If circumstances do not allow an on-ground conference to take place safely, LIDA will move to a virtual conference platform.

    The conference will also include a celebration of the life and research of longstanding LIDA Co-Director Dr. Ross J. Todd of Rutgers University, who passed away on March 30, 2022. 

    Earlier that week (May 23-24, 2023) an international conference Digital Transformation and Inclusiveness of the Higher Education Institutions in the Time of Crisis Situations, organized by Erasmus+ project DECriS will also take place in Osijek. Participants are invited to consider prolonging their stay in Osijek and take part in both events at a discounted registration rate.

    Learn more

  • 21 Jun 2022 15:30 | iSchools News

    Kate McDowell, associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is the 2022 recipient of the Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award from the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T). The award recognizes her unique contributions to information science education that reside at the intersection of storytelling and data science.

    According to nominator Linda C. Smith, professor emerita and interim executive associate dean at the Illinois iSchool, McDowell’s impact encompasses students in degree programs as well as individuals engaged in professional development. “Her work empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to take control of their own narratives and use the resources and tools at their disposal to connect authentically with their audiences.”

    Learn more

  • 14 Jun 2022 22:42 | iSchools News

    The European / African regional Doctoral Seminars Series is a forum for doctoral students to present their research. It grew out of a collaboration between the Berlin and Copenhagen iSchools more than a decade ago, and recently expanded to include any interested iSchool doctoral student worldwide. It is managed by Regional Chair Koraljka Golub of Linnaeus University and Linnaeus doctoral student Romain Herault. The presentations are conducted in English on Zoom.

    The most recent installment of the Series took place 20 May, 2022. In the first of two presentations, Ph.D. candidate Alexandra Boutopoulou (pictured left) of the University of Sheffield explained how her study of 4,000 Instagram images reveals that “nothing is what it appears to be” in the world of wellness blogging. Boutopoulou used an analytical method that she calls Comparative Instachronics to trace the evolving career of Deliciously Ella, a well-known food blogger. According to Boutopoulou, Deliciously Ella’s blog was initiated as an effort to address personal health issues through so-called “clean-eating” and then progressed through multiple stages in which it “changes to a pure marketing story”. 

    A 20-minute video of her presentation, Using visual social media data to better understand food cultures in the UK: The case of Deliciously Ella, is available on the iSchools website.

    The second presentation was by Silvia Maccarini (pictured right), a beginning doctoral student at Università Carlos III de Madrid, titled Unveiling Predatory Practices in Academic Research. She examined predatory publishers, who exploit the need of academics to be published while offering little in return. A video of Maccarini’s presentation is also available on the website.

    Although the Series started as a European initiative, any iSchool doctoral student worldwide is may now take part, ether as observer or presenter. If you are interested in presenting your research, contact iSchools Ph.D. Student Representative Romain Herault for information on submitting a proposal. Note that all presentations take place during European business hours.

    Upcoming seminars will be posted to the Doctoral Seminar Series webpage and iSchools Events Calendar as they are developed. 

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