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Software Preservation Network seeks survey participants

5 Feb 2019 13:50 | Contact (Administrator)

The Software Preservation Network’s Research Working Group invites participating in a survey on practices, needs, and gaps related to software preservation. The goal of the Software Preservation Network (SPN) is to “make it easier to deposit, discover and reuse software.”

Why Does This Matter?
For decades, researchers and practitioners in information science, digital preservation, and allied fields have discussed the necessity of software preservation: preserving software is a prerequisite for preserving and providing access to digital cultural heritage and research, and software is increasingly considered a research product or artifact in itself.

How are cultural heritage professionals working on preserving software? What are the obstacles to software preservation? Do best practices exist? The survey is intended to help answer these questions.

Who Should Participate?
Any individual or organization involved in activities that involve or rely on software preservation is encouraged to take the survey. For the purposes of this survey, software preservation encompasses a wide range of experimental or established services or actions at organizations such as collecting original software media and documentation, consultations with software producers or users of specialized or obsolete software, preservation of software code or executable files, metadata creation for preserved software, etc. The survey will close on February 19, 2019.

How will the survey information be used?
Anonymized data from the study will be made available to the profession, along with analysis of current trends and possibilities for future research. This study has been approved by the Georgia Institute of Technology Institutional Review Board.

Click here to take the survey (roughly 15 minutes).

Questions can be addressed to the SPN Research Working Group.



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