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Data Scientist

30 May 2022 08:03 | Slava Sterzer (Administrator)

Princeton University, Center for Information Technology Policy

The Digital Evidence Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab at the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University. This lab will build tools to interrogate with depth and precision the real-world impacts of technological systems that will help journalists, academics, and governments reveal digital threats to their local communities. The focus of this lab is to build persistent monitoring tools and partner with a global network of journalists to reveal how automated technologies impact people’s everyday lives.

The Data Scientist will lead this interdisciplinary research lab and will be responsible for directing all activities of this lab. This will include developing the initial prototype and data pipeline of a real-time monitoring tool focused on digital threats in the Global South. The first effort will be to build a tool that automatically monitors WhatsApp groups — which are an increasingly important but opaque channel for political discourse in the Global South. This tool will allow journalists, researchers, and governments to study how misinformation spreads through groups. Specifically the tool will examine: the content of messages in WhatsApp groups; links shared in the messages in WhatsApp groups; and the virality of messages in WhatsApp groups.

The Data Scientist will be responsible for all aspects of the tool building project including beta testing, audits, and the final launch. The position will also be responsible for staffing up the lab as needed. This includes writing grants to raise funds for lab activities and overseeing the development of all outputs/products of the lab. The position will also be responsible for building partnerships with collaborators and a network of journalists, academics, or governments that are interested in using these tools. The lab will train and onboard collaborators/journalists and support their reporting. All code created will be released open source, to the extent that is possible.

As an outgrowth of this work, the Data Scientist will also engage with students, fellows, and faculty at CITP and Princeton. The Data Scientist will serve as a mentor to graduate and undergraduate students that are apprentices at the lab. This lab will also organize co-curricular activities like workshops, bootcamps, internships and other educational events for the University community. Finally, the Data Scientist will educate the governments, journalists and the broader public by producing stories and other published outputs from the investigations enabled by these tools.

This is a two-year term position.

Please apply at this link.

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