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Postdoctoral Scientist

17 Nov 2021 19:30 | iSchools News (Administrator)

University at Albany, Center of Excellence 

Deadline: Feb. 1, 2022

The Center of Excellence is a state-funded organization that focuses on “realworld” problems in New York state. This particular work is a NOAA funded project that includes scientists with backgrounds in meteorology, modeling, communications, hazard assessment and mitigation, and more. This position will work extensively with observations from the New York State Mesonet (NYSM), as well as networks maintained by the NYSM such as the Con Edison micronet. Other networks of opportunity such as ASOS will also be used. Original research will be conducted analyzing the ability existing modeling systems have in reproducing observed distributions of extreme temperatures in NYC, and attempt to relate these results to weather regime and/or forecast time horizon. Concurrently, an informational website designed for use primarily by the National Weather Service and NYC Emergency Management will be created which will incorporate results from the aforementioned research as well as real-time products to aid understanding of the distribution of extreme temperatures within NYC during and before events.

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