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Human-Computer Interaction and User Interface Design

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This event is brought to you by the University of Toronto

Date: October 20, 2021 at 9:15 a.m. PT / 11:15 a.m. CT / 12:15 p.m. ET

How does usability impact the experience of a product, a service, or even a webpage? And, how do we make sure we design the right thing for the people that will be using the things that we make? Human-Computer Interaction research explores these problems within the context of digital artefacts. In this two-part talk, Prof Kuzminykh and Prof Tang will be discussing how researchers go about designing digital things that humans use, and how these designs are evaluated to assess the user experience they provide.

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Meet the Speakers

Tony Tang

Associate Professor and Associate Dean Research

Tony leads the RICELab (Rethinking Interaction, Collaboration and Engagement) group which focuses on Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Ubiquitous Computing. His interdisciplinary research team explores how to design new technologies that allow people to connect, communicate and understand one another through their interactions with people and data. His current work investigates the design of immersive analytics tools, where tools give people new ways of thinking about and interacting with their data, and analyzing and discussing their data with others. His research involves primarily three major types of activities: the investigation of domain-specific communication and interaction practices between people and technology; the design of new technologies to address needs in those domain-specific contexts, and the evaluation of interaction technologies.

Anastasia Kuzminykh

Assistant Professor

Anastasia is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, iSchool. In her work in human-computer interaction and information dynamics, she analyzes the complex communication environments and designs corresponding systems to advance user performance. Her research interests are focused on exploring the mechanisms that motivate the form and structure of context in mediated communication, how these mechanisms affect information exchange dynamics, and how designing context can be approached systematically within computer systems. Her background incorporates experiences in computer science, cognitive psychology, ethnographical expeditions, information science, and systems design. In her work, she actively collaborates with industry and with research institutions worldwide, including France, UK, US, and Israel. She is also a founder and the director of the Toronto Human-AI Interaction research school (THAI RS). Her work has appeared in top-tier HCI venues, has been discussed at multiple workshops, and got extensive media attention.

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