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Apply to join as a member institution

iSchools FlyerThe iSchools conduct ground-breaking research while also preparing the next generation of scholars, researchers and practitioners. The iSchools believe that expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. This expertise must include understanding of the uses and users of information, the nature of information itself, as well as information technologies and their applications. The iSchools have organized under this charter to pursue common objectives with a collective commitment of resources.

By becoming an iSchools member institution, your school’s leadership will join thought-leaders worldwide in shaping the teaching and practice of information studies and all related aspects of the field, now and into the future.

The iSchools organization has a place for information schools of all levels and capabilities. Our members range from newly emerging institutions to widely recognized research and teaching powerhouses. The iSchools organization has enjoyed many positive changes recently, and we look forward to many more. In 2018 the Organization adopted a new set of membership levels that better reflect the relationships that each of our members enjoy with the Organization. Thanks to a recent surge in membership, we now boast more than 100 schools worldwide. The state of our organization is strong, and we have our members to thank for this.

All information schools are invited to apply for membership using the application form below.

Institutional Member benefits include the following:

  • Inclusion in the iSchools directory—the directory is among our website’s most heavily trafficked pages, used by people worldwide to identify iSchools in their area.
  • Posting of news and job openings—the iSchools organization is prepared to post your school’s news items and job listings to our website and social media channels, to be viewed by leading information scholars, researchers and practitioners.
  • Collaboration with your peers—the iSchools are loosely organized into regional groups that share common interests and concerns. The organization also maintains multiple email lists that enable you and your faculty and staff to confer with colleagues regarding shared challenges and opportunities, regionally and around the world.
  • Opportunities for your students—the iSchools organization supports and recognizes student achievement through our annual Doctoral Colloquium and Doctoral Dissertation Award, plus other special contests and mentoring opportunities.
  • Displaying the iSchools logo—the iSchools logo on your institution’s home page shows the world that you are a leader in the information field.
  • A seat at the table in our annual meetings—iSchools leaders of all levels meet annually to collectively shape the future of the organization, and by extension the future of the information field.

Criteria for being recognized as an iSchool are not rigid, but members are expected to have substantial sponsored research activity, engagement in the training of future researchers (usually through an active, research-oriented doctoral program), and a commitment to progress in the information field.

iSchools memberships span five membership levels and also an Associate category, as defined below. Each new member is entitled to select the membership level that it feels best represents the level of support and leadership that it wishes to maintain within the organization. Levels are not assigned and should not be construed as a rating system.

Prospective members should indicate their desired membership level on their application. Schools are expected to enroll at the highest membership level in accordance with the size, resources and structural limitations of their schools. Schools are encouraged to move up in the membership hierarchy when appropriate, and may do so during the annual renewal period.

Institutional Membership levels: Corresponding annual dues are shown in USD.

  • iCaucus ($5000): This is our most prestigious membership level and indicates the highest possible support for the organization and its role in shaping the future of the information field. iCaucus schools each get five votes in choosing the Board of Directors and may post news and jobs announcements to the organizational website at no cost. 
  • Enabling ($4000): Our second-highest membership level is indicative of a strong desire to enable the organization’s work. Enabling-level schools each get four votes in choosing the Board of Directors and may post news and jobs announcements to the organizational website at no cost. 
  • Sustaining ($3000): Sustaining schools each get three votes in choosing the Board of Directors and may post news and jobs announcements to the organizational website at no cost. 
  • Supporting ($2000): Supporting schools each get two votes in choosing the Board of Directors and may post two news items or jobs for free per month. 
  • Basic ($1000): The Basic level provides full organizational membership at an affordable price. Basic schools each get one vote in choosing the Board of Directors and may post one news item or job for free per month. 
  • Associate category ($300): The Associate category is for schools that are new and/or may not yet meet the requirements for the full membership listed above. Associate schools are included in organizational discussions and meetings, but do not have voting rights. Associate schools are limited to one news or jobs post per month. Associate schools can petition to become full members during the annual renewal period. 

Corporate Relationships

Corporate members presumably wish to join the iSchools to recognize the value of member programs and the influence of the iSchools in society at large. Three levels of corporate membership are recognized:

  • Corporate Affiliate—$2500 per year; receive iSchools informational updates, listing on the website as a corporate affiliate, and one complementary registration to the annual iConference.
  • Corporate Associate—$5000 per year; receive iSchools informational updates, listing on the website as a corporate associate, invitations to internship and collaboration opportunities, and two complementary registrations to the iConference.
  • Corporate Sponsor—$10,000 per year; receive iSchools informational updates, listing on the website as a corporate sponsor, invitations to internships, collaboration opportunities, and visiting professors of practice; and two complementary registrations to the iConference.

How to Apply

Institutions wishing to join the iSchools organization can download our application form. Your form responses and all related correspondence should be in English.

After completing the form, change the file name to include the name of your institution (VERY IMPORTANT) and email it directly to

Questions about applications can be directed to Executive director Michael Seadle using this contact form.

Applications are reviewed by our Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Depending on workload, this process can take up to two months.




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