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NOTICE: This page is under construction, in preparation for iConference 2018. If you are looking for information on iConference 2017 in Wuhan, please visit our 2017 Summary Page.

iConference Workshops are intended to foster interactive discussions focusing on a particular topic within the purview of the iSchools, namely, the relationships among information, people and technology. Workshops provide a great opportunity for attendees who share common interests and want to have intensive discussions. If you are interested in building a new research community, strengthening an existing research community, or further advancing a particular field, please consider organizing a workshop. We encourage you to submit proposals that will create common knowledge within iSchools.

For more information and inspiration, we encourage you to review the official proceedings of past iConferences in the IDEALS and ACM repositories.

Follow the Submission Guidelines. All submissions must be in English. Proposals should not exceed 750 words (not counting references). All initial submissions for review should be in PDF format, using the official iConference template.


  • Submission deadline: September 18, 2017
  • Notification: mid-October, 2017
  • Public-facing participant description due: October 31, 2017
  • Final versions for proceedings due: December 15, 2016

Submission Guidelines

Workshop proposals should describe the organizers, participants, purpose, format (panels, papers, discussions), goals or outcomes, and relevance to the iConference. Please use the structure described below under “Required Submission Information.” Proposals will be reviewed by the Workshop Chairs and a review committee of their choosing.

All workshops will take place Sunday, March 25, 2018, the first day of the conference. Half-day and Full-day formats are possible. There will be no separate fee for workshops; all registered participants for iConference 2018 can participate in workshops at no extra cost.

Organizers of accepted workshops will be asked to create a public-facing description of their event that can be presented on the conference website and the registration sign-up form. These descriptions are due Oct. 31. Workshop organizers are welcome and encouraged to solicit position papers or other deliverables from their participants in these descriptions. If deliverables are requested, the public-facing description must explain the delivery process. (Please note that the iConference organizers cannot facilitate the collection of deliverables through the conference submission system; workshop organizers must create and manage their own submission process.)

Required Submission Information

Workshop proposals will be submitted in writing via our confernce submission system. The official iConference template must be used. Initial submissions (due Sept. 16) should be in PDF format. If your proposal is accepted, you will submit a final verison for the proceedings in Word or comparable word processing file formats: .doc, .docx, or .rtf; LaTeX is also acceptable. See our Author Instructions Page for more about templates and formatting.

Title: Workshop title

Organizer(s): Names and affiliations of the organizers, in preferred order of appearance. (Note that all workshop organizers and presenters are expected to purchase an iConference registration.

Abstract: An abstract of up to 150 words.

Description: Include a description of up to 1,000 words (not including abstract or references). Workshop descriptions should address each of the following:

  • Purpose and Intended Audience: Please state the audience to which your event is designed to appeal and the goals and/or expected outcomes for your event.
  • Proposed Format: Describe how your workshop will be organized and structured. The format is up to you. You can have a series of presenters followed by discussion, presentations and discussions of solicited papers, abstracts or position statements, a panel presentation, etc. Include a draft schedule that will fit within the half or full day you have indicated above. To advance beyond “sage on the stage,” explain the strategies you will use to engage workshop attendees. Note: If you plan to solicit abstracts, papers, or position statements, you are expected to set up your own system or protocol for doing so (e.g., through a website, via email, etc.). Participant registration for workshops will be managed through the conference registration site.
  • Goals or Outcomes: State the goals and/or expected outcomes for your workshop. Also, include any plans to prepare a report, proceedings, wiki, or website to disseminate the results of your workshop.
  • Relevance to the iConference: Briefly state the focus of your proposal topic and note the importance, relevance, value, and/or interest to the iSchool community. Provide a brief explanation of how this workshop will appeal to the audience both with respect to content and format of the workshop. If the workshop has been associated with the iConference in the past or is part of an ongoing series, please explain.

Duration: Indicate if your workshop will be a half- or full-day event.

Attendance: Please indicate your expected number of participants, and also your preferred maximium number of participants. The iConfernce can generally accommodate workshops that range from 10 to 100 attendees.

Special Requirements: The iConference typically does not provide funding for workshops. If your proposed event has technical or logistical requirements with budget rammifications, you must articulate them clearly for considertation by the chairs.

If you have questions or ideas that need help being fleshed out, please feel free to contact the Workshop Co-Chairs using the mail links below.

Workshops Chairs

  • Chairs TBD


Questions about Workshops should be directed to the Workshops Chairs listed above.

For general questions about the iConference, please contact iConference Coordinator Clark Heideger.



The Information School at Sheffield and The iSchool at Northumbria University



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  • For general questions about the iConference, including sponsorships, please contact iSchools Communications Director Clark Heideger.

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