Access Lens technology helps blind people lead more autonomous life


Associate Professor Jacob Wobbrock and iSchool Ph.D. graduate Shawn Kane, who is now and Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, have developed a new way for blind people to use accessible gestures on paper documents and other physical objects, such as product packages, device screens, and home appliances to provide audio feedback about these objects. Read more


What information competencies do employers need from recent college grads?


A newly released paper tackles one of the thorniest issues in higher education: What competencies make today’s college graduates hirable? The paper, co-authored by Project Information Literacy’s (PIL’s) director Alison Head, iSchool doctoral students Jordan Eschler and Sean Fullerton, and California Maritime Academy librarian, Michele Van Hoeck, appears in this month’s Library and Information Research’s special issue on workplace information literacy and lifelong learning. Read more